Chocolate Buffet

I'm still in the middle of my chocolate frenzy, I thought as a celebration for my birthday I decided to treat my brother and sister to Manila Penninsula's Chocolate Buffet last night. My brother in law and my mom just tagged along they aren't into dessert like my siblings.

The buffet itself isn't that impressive coz the selections are few, just two medium size tables. I think for P 495++ they should NOT skimp on the assortment of choices. That's their biggest mistake, it was a letdown to see that the choices are so few. I thought there would be more different like of cakes, bonbon and etc..

My first dibs on the buffet are composed of assorted chocolate confections/truffles, a piece of chocolate marques, macaroons with pistachio filling, chocolate tart.

I love the chocolate candy with the coffee flavored center (the one with a slash in the pix), I also like the chocolate Marques as well (the half circle) and the macaroons love it. Mostly I ate the truffles, there's this Choco Chip Cheesecake which I love but there's so few chocolate chip that it shouldn't be called chocolate chip cheesecake! in the slice that I got it got 2 or 3 chips only! (so much skimpping!) The ice creams are good both Rocky Road and Choco Marble is a nice palate cleanser, its refreshing and cooling which is most welcome specially in our warm weather. Though the whipped cream taste funny and the assorted chocolate chip toppings (they have dark, white & milk) are hard as a rock not a nice feeling. I love the Chocolate Milk Shake, so creamy and cold you can taste the ice cream but mine didn't get refilled! I also liked their Chocolate Crepe with mangoes and strawberries (yum yum!) I didn't care for their cherry and chocolate combo they have lots of those (now I remember why I hate Black Forrest hehehe..) Like the Dark and White Chocolate Mousse with a mango on top (the mango is a nice surprise its cool and refreshing). I was looking for the chocolate fountain and didn't see (disappointing) any just a chocolate fondue

We didn't eat much coz as my older brother said its "nakakaumay", so we took lots of chocolate break. Most of the time we talked, my brother in law brought his laptop so we were able to play on it.

My younger brother wanted to bite off the chocolate decors! hehehe...he's in Chocolate Heaven! that's a chocoholic for you!
All in all the experience is nice and pleasurable but its not that memorable coz I believe that I didn't get my money's worth coz of the few choices. Hopefully I won't get bitten by the chocolate frenzy anytime soon...maybe for a long time....maybe next week! :)


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  1. I also tried the chocolate buffet with my Mom and sister two Fridays ago. It was all hype for me. I felt that I didn't get my money's worth. My sister gave up due to chocolate overload haha

  2. yeah felt that as well

  3. my whole life is chocolate frenzy so I know how it's like - but so far the greatest indulgence was chocolat buffet made by myself:) maybe it's because choco requires some intimacy...

  4. I love love love chocolate and the chocolate buffet at the Pen is like going to Disneyland! But you really can't eat THAT much as hard as you try no? But wow , it's all so worth it.