For me, there are two kinds of cheesecake the baked and the not baked. When I started to learn how to baked whenever I try to make a cheesecake I always make the not baked kind cause then I didn't have an oven yet, I could still remember how I used to experiment on different varieties. The one flavor that I absolutely remember not because it tasted good but it tasted sooo bad that it is permanently etched in my memory! I did a Lemon Cheesecake, I didn't have lemons the recipe called for but I had lemon extract and I thought hmmmm... Lemon extract came from lemon essence, right? It smells like lemons, right? So I guess it taste like lemons as well! As I found out it doesn't taste anywhere near lemons! It tasted awful like medicine! Luckily my taste testers namely my family even though it tasted awful still ate it! Since then I've been trying to perfect my cheesecake.

My mission of having the perfect cheesecake was momentarily put into halt when I had an absolutely bad yuck non baked cheesecake in my college days! I look so pretty and perfect so I passed up on an equally yummy mousse to try it, well... Sad to say I regretted that decision...

Since then I lay off eating cheesecake for quite sometime until one night while watching the FOOD NETWORK I saw Sara Moultin making her a baked cheesecake and she made it look so easy that I was encouraged to try it.

My current favorite cheesecake is my version of an Oreo Cheesecake, it looks like a BIg Oreo right? Its encrusted with Oreo cookies on top and on the bottom. The filling is a cream cheese mixture that's soft, creamy and melts in your mouth (like M&Ms melts in your mouth not in your hands!) After trying out many plain cheesecakes before I tried to combine both ingredients that I like I mean I love eating Oreos right? and cheesecake too, so why not combine them and lets see how it goes...

Needless to say this version of mine is geneously topped with Oreos and its the baked variety. I find that baked cheesecakes are sometimes a bit intimidating especially to beginners coz it uses the baƱo maria or ban marie method, wherein the cheesecake put in a water bath during the baking time. It can be a bit of a challenge, not done right it could ruin the outcome.

The oven temperature should be right not too hot or else it would form a huge crack on top (yikes!) it would still taste good but of course no look it.

After many trial and error I finally got the cheesecake that I can proudly say that I baked it. When I started making cheesecake a n 8oz of creamcheese cost around 46 pesos (approx $1.8) only now an 8oz block of creamcheese cost around 110 pesos (approx $2.20)! and that is if I use our locally made creamcheese but if I use Philly Creamcheese, I have to shell out roughly around 150 pesos (approx. $2.8) per an 8oz bar! Ohh how I miss those days when fresh baking ingredients are not that expensive....

So whenever I make cheesecake of any type of topping I savor every bite!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. hey, your oreo cheesecake looks yummy. I just made one based on But mine is with some cracks and little puffy at the perimeter. Any comment? Thx...

  2. if there's a crack on top usually the oven temp is too hot! I encountered that problem too I sladdered the top with blueberry pie filling it hid all the cracks my family ate it all up nobody aside from me knew that there was a crack. i try baking me cheesecake until the sides are just set and the middle is set but still jiggles.
    I somehow noticed that when too much air was incorporated into it
    during the mixing perimeter might get a bit puffy it looks more rustic sometimes i prefer that look
    I've seen that recipe before but haven't had the change to try it.

  3. Or you could "cheat" and add some cornstrach. This'll prevent any cracking without detracting from the flavor. Hehehehe...