Chocolat a Real Treat

Being an self-confessed chocoholic having a bite from one of the best chocolate cake here in Manila, according to Lori's blog Dessert Comes First. I had a chance to make it happen when my sister and I were doing our window shopping at Mall of Asia and we happen to saw Chocolat and my sister said that their cakes are good but not to her liking coz she prefer her cake fudgy kind. Me? I like to eat anything that has chocolate in it, chocolate is pure indulgence for me.
When we first walked in Chocolat the ambiance is laid back and cozy feel. I also was amazed at the lady who at that time was icing the cake and dousing it with Kahlua syrup. I, of course had a hard time deciding which one to buy after 15 minutes of ogling on the various cakes. I finally decided on the Chocolate Kahlua Cake, after my sister implored me to hurry up!:) and She decided to have Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (and here I thought she didn't like it :) ) The design of the cake is nothing special it, looks homemade, I think thats the part of the charm. We had it wrapped on the go so we can proceed and do our window shopping.
When I got home, I quickly went into my room and privately savored the cake. It was disappointing to see that my slice of Chocolate Kahlua Cake looks kinda molested, maybe it got bangged around to much with all the shopping I did. Hmmm...but the still have to do taste test. The taste is still good its quite diffrent from other Chocolate Cakes that I tasted before its super moist! I like it! With all the syrup that I saw the lady brushed on top and bottom of the cake its no wonder its super moist!
I'm already planning to go back there and try other cakes available....maybe the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake or maybe the Chocolate Decadent Cake or the Classic Chocolate Cake or... oh I'm getting excited just thinking about them! jezz! better return there fast! :)


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  1. my family thanks you for the nice words! hope we'll see you there regularly (although bihira lang ako magbantay!)

  2. your welcome :) I'm just sharing ...