A day of Shopping

Sunday mornings are usually the time wherein I catch up with my sleep. This sunday it was different. I woke up 8 in the morning coz my brother G will be having his first entrance exam in UP Diliman (a popular State University, here in Manila). My dad, my mom and I was there to send him off to school.
After seeing him safely enters UP campus, we went straight to SM North EDSA where there was an ongoing sale, we sure love a good bargain. We got there around 12 nn, my dad who was on a look out for new shoes and clothes, coz his old work oout shoes doesn't fit him as well as before, immediately went to the shoe section. My mom was on a search for a nice work out shoes and work out attire. I on the other hand was in search for a paperback novel from my favorite author. after having our initial purchase at hand around 2:30 pm we got hungry.
We went to the Block, which is a new wing of the Mall. Its huge and still quite empty with just a few stores open. With the choices of food still limited to Japanese or Filipino food, I immediately voted for the Japanese. We saw Kimono Ken from a distance and descided to give it a try. The ambiance is quite nice smooth lines zen like with soothing bold, rich color schemes. I liked it very much the waiters are very nice, very accomodating. However the service is a bit slow may be because they just recently opened a week before.
Here comes the best part the food! My favorite Japanese foods are the maki, so I ordered Futomaki as the appetizers, which were made beautifully. My dad had Miso Soup, one of his favorites, he said it was nice however the seaweeds where not present instead there were green leafy veggies that was used as stunt double. We also ordered Gyoza, a Japanese pan
fried dumpling. Gindara, a Japanese style fish which was excellent very tasty! I like most of the food that we ordered which is not a surprise coz I really like Japanese food. The only thing I didn't like very much which is the rice, I believe that REAL Japanese rice are suppose to be sticky. Kimono Ken's Japanese rice aren't, I was a bit harder to eat the rice with chopsticks, they kept falling off!!! It somehow ruin the experience of eating Japanese food. The servings I like especially for the Futomaki coz normally maki's are priced so expensive and you'd get only 4, 6 pcs max. Here they serve the Futomaki by 8, which is plenty enough for us 3 diners. We didn't have desserts coz nothing on the menu seems special or intruiging enough to try. Having our stomach filled, we were off shopping again!
Phew! round 5 pm my mom got tired so we went in search for a coffee house where we could lounge around and where mom could plop her feet up. Its a nice little booth located on to top level of the mall, the serves are very nice they are all smiles. They even have a 20% off on the drinks which is a nice treat after walking around the mall for such a long time. My dad notice that chairs are nice, super comfy! fits your bum nicely :) it craddles your back nicely too!
My dad had a Brewed Coffee and my mom had water. Me? well.. having a sweet tooth, which wasn't fulfilled during lunch I had to have a cake, they call it Aphrodite Chocolate Mouse Cake & a Frappucino. the cake's bottom layer is made of a chocolate brownie topped with a huge layer of chocolate mousse. It taste nice, not excellent coz the first time I put in inside my mouth I didn't taste anything after 3 to 5 spoonfuls of it, that's when the chocolate taste hits me. hmmmm... chocolate! It lacks the omph! that I expect from mousse that makes them soo good. There mocha Frapp was smooth like Starbucks which I like, I hate drinking those Fraps where I could see the huge chunk of ices floating around.
After 7 hours! That's the longest time I've been in the mall (well, except when I'm doing my christmas Shopping, which is another story:) ) The sun is down the moon is up, we went to fetch my brother from UP and dragged my tired, sleepy body into bed.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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