Not so Kissables....

Hershey's Kisses are the IT chocolates for me! So when I heard of Hershey's new product Kissables, I got so exited that I search and search everytime we go to supermarket then finally I got my hands on one. What an utter disappointment! I thought they would be the same SIZE as my favorite Hershey's Kisses, but no they are sooo tiny like M&Ms (another favorite of mine, I like the plain one the best!) Moreover, Kissables looks so UN-kissables with all its bumps and broken shells! It looks like it got tons of cooties or something! Bummer :(
I don't know if they are trying to convert some M&M lovers to Hershey's or something by coming up with this product but for me its not something I'd be craving to have. For me, I think atleast they could have had that M&M gorgeous shinny sheen shell, no chips please! and they could have added more kissables in a pack the content are so few that its sooo "bitin!" (not enough).
This product needs a lot of improvement, Hershey people of anyone's ready just a suggestion :) I think that if they made it the same size as a regular kisses with its shell coating, please make them shinny to make the colors pop, that would be a great hit for Hershey's fan as well as M&M fans


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