Brittles Out! Chocolates In

I chanced upon this about 2 months ago when my dad and my uncles went to Baguio. Dad was looking for peanut brittles as our pasalubong apparently peanut brittles are not as popular as before so dad can't find them anywhere.
Dad being a sweetooth when they saw Mika'San Sweet Shop that sells chocolate treats, dad didn't let the chance pass. These chocolate treats makes them out of corn flakes mixed with semi-sweet chocolates and white chocolates. Its good and crunchy just the way I like them, unfortunately you can taste the local chocolates which makes these treats less special.

If you asked me, I still prefer peanut brittles to these its just so sad that our native sweet treats are being a thing of a past.....


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  1. Those chocolate treats are also available at all Robinson's grocery stores. I eat them with Blue Sky wheat grain biscuits so the chocolate wouldn't taste as sweet. The peanut brittles are still sold at the Good Shepherd stores in Baguio and in Tagaytay. Yummy!

  2. creyme6:32 PM

    I love choco flakes ever since my aunt brought me home a mika'san brand from baguio.. For me it's perfect.. i tried other brands when i went to baguio but i just threw all of it (12containers) because of the impure chocolate flavor that made me puke. Then i knew that mika'san is the best brand of choco flakes in baguio, the chocolate is oh so good and not mixed with oil or water that tastes so disgusting! If you know any choco flakes brand better than mika'san please let me know. thank you..