Chocolates Everywhere

Last Friday, my parents when out with their friends in SM MOA (the newest and biggest mall in Manila,so far), my mom ask me to make a small cake to take with them, and enjoy with their coffee.

I decided to make an Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake with Sticky Fudge Frosting. This cake is what Filipino Grandparents use to make and feed us when we were kids. My faternal grandma wasn't a baker but a great chef loved her Chinese dishes that she used to cook all the time. We use to have cake like this, when I was younger by buying in the bakeshops. My family isn't mush of a baker, I guess typical Chinese not into sweets that much. But of course when I started learning how to bake it all change....

This is my family's all time favorite cake whenever there's an occasion like birthdays, I always whipped out this cake. Moreover, chocolate desserts are one of the most universal dessert anyone can make, everybody (almost except those who are allergic, heaven forbid!) loves chocolate. Its quick & easy. What more can you ask for right?

I end up with extra batter having made a small 5" cake, I have lots of extra batter to experiment with. While the cake is busy baking in the oven, I folded in 3 cups of marshmallows and 2 cups of chocolate chips to the chocolate batter. Apart of it I put in individual muffin pans and the other part, I baked it loaf style. I have recently bought a Wilton Jumbo Muffin mold so quite recently I love using this in my baking the problem that I encountered is that I can't find a big enough muffin mold that would fit it perfectly. For the mean time while I'm still on my search for the jumbo muffin liners I used my ensaymada (its a sweet bread with cheese and butter and sugar topping, we, Filipinos love them) liners. They turned out pretty like flowers however, that's not what I'm going for. The loves turn out lovely, its all soft and chewy from the marshmallow. but I think I put too much marshmallow in it bacause I can't be eaten by hand! it does hold its shape that well, whipped out the spoons and dig in!

I'm glad to hear that my parents and their friends love the cake. Hearing simple compliments like that makes me feel a lot special :)


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. hi! your cakes looks delish.. i have been on the look out for a good choco cake recipe for months now.... just wondering if you could share the recipe for the old fashioned chocolate cake and frosting... super thanx :)

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Hi would you mind sharing you fudge frosting recipe with me please? please? please? please?

  3. Pls try this one