Baking with Dorie

How I wish to be baking with Ms. Greenspan! Well, for now I have to settle on baking with her help using her famously popular Baking: From My home to Yours. I have bought this book for quite sometime now, with so many good recipes I want to try it took me a while which one to try. After not baking for about two Sundays now, yesterday afternoon, I really NEED to bake or I'll go crazy! I wake up thinking of what I should bake I go to sleep thinking about it too! Oh my God I'm obsessed!
I grabbed Ms. Greenspan's book from my shelves and send all morning looking for what to bake, finally deciding to make the Caramel Peanut Brownie Cake, sisn't have any salted peanuts laying around Mom! where are the Glowers??? your favorite TV buddy! peanuts, I rummaged in my stash and found almond slivers instead so I took those!
This is the first recipe I tried of Ms. Greenspan, and all I can say its worth every centavo! The instructions are long but well written and easily understandable. This recipe was soooo easy! I didn't even bring out my heavy duty mixer, I mixed everything by hand using my handy spatula and my favorite wire whisk. Absolutely incredible! While the brownie cake is baking in the oven, I made the caramel-almond topping. I almost burned it! I often make caramel, but I'm used to using the dry method, and this recipe uses the wet method needless to say I got impatient and when I took quite sometime to color, I kept stirring and covering the pot and in boom! in a few seconds it turn from light brown to a dark brown! yikes! I kept smelling it to check if its still good and I gradually add the cream, butter and the almonds. got all sticky and gooey within a few minutes so I quickly add it on top of my baked brownie cake. the caramel quickly dribbles on the side of the brownie making it look more tempting! Luckily, I'm having a sleep over at my cousin's condo, that I won't be able to eat a slice and ruin my diet! I already cheated last night :)


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. An excellent choice for a first Dorie recipe. I know there will be many more to come!

  2. Yep, that's a good one, my husband loves it.

  3. This cookbook has got to be one of my favorites!

  4. yeah me too! I'm starting to love it :)

  5. definitely worth every centavo! My sister-in-law took my copy away, I need to get another one.