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As frequent visitors of this site can see I haven't been blogging that much, reason?!? I've just been to the International Book Fair that was held in World Trade Center (WTC) in Pasig, Philippines, it started on August 30 to Sept. 2,2007. Every year I see to it that I dragged my sister to WTC and look for bargain books.

I've bought so much new books after the fair, that my free time now is frequently being spend browsing the new additions to by stash of ever expanding bookshelves. My favorite new find is the Dessert by Pierre Herme & Dorie Greenspan, when I saw this single copy laying around, I quickly grabbed it and its mine! I'm currently reading this book, so far I'm loving it!

Aside from Pierre Herme's book, here are some of my new additions: Eldest & Eragon Box set (for the kid in me), Professional Cake Decorating by Toba Garrett (my most EXPENSIVE purchase), Food Network Kitchen Box set (I'm a HUGE HUGE food network fanatic!), and many many more!
While my stacks of unread book still high, when one of my favorite bookstore, Fully Booked held a sale, I quickly rushed inside. While browsing through the cookbook aisle & secretly hoping not to find anything new (because I have just put a HUGE dent on my credit card lately, I haven't had the chance to recover yet) the unexpected happened. I saw in the chocolate section Chocolate Dessert by Pierre Herme & Dorie Greenspan, it was like an "Oh my God!" moment :) I've been looking for this book for such a long time that I had to have it! Correction, I NEED to have it!

People mite say, which probably include everyone that I know, why buy books when Internet is around. In my defense I love the smell and feel of books, there's nothing quite like it. Women often tend to be addicted to shoes and bags like the former first lady Imelda Marcos. Foodies like me are addicted to cookbooks and other cooking peripherals.

Ciao! gotta go have more to read!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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