Deep Dark Chcolate Cookies

With my chocolate them for the month of hearts, I would like to start with a recipe from Marcel Desaulnier, Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies. Why you might ask? who is Marcel Desaulnier?
Years ago, when Food Network started showing in our cable channel here in Manila. There was this show called Baker's Dozen, I'm not sure if anyone remembers that, but that show used to be my all time favorite that's where I found out who Marcel Desaulnier is! That's when my first love affair with chocolates started! So before Jacques Torres, Marcel was my first.
Simply put Marcel Desaulnier is the Jacques Torres of Virginia! He is a chocoholic like most of us. He have several books in this topic, remember Chocolate to Die for? How about Death by Chocolates? Death by Chocolate Cakes? and I have 4 of those memorable books of his. He's recipe aren't one of those easy breezy type, specially the cakes, but as always they taste divine. It took a lot of time and planning, I'm embarrass to admit this but my Desaulnier books most the time I just browse through them, but as this heart month I got to try at least some of his recipes right? Please enjoy!


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