After such a busy work week, I was finally able to do some light baking. I used my favorite Martha book the Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.
In my house a busy week usually means an empty ref and pantry in this case, we had a semi-empty ref. Didn’t have any butter, though we have tons of eggs, after much deliberation I finally decided to make a Chocolate Mousse Roll. It’s basic a chocolate chiffon cake recipe baked in a sheet pan. It seems like such a simple recipe that I give it a go.

Weeeeeellllllllll..... I spoke too soon.

In most recipes of mousse that I have seen and tested before, it usually calls mixing the melted chocolate with the whipping cream and its done. This was the first time that I made mousse with eggs in them. It started out innocently easy until I got to the part where I made the hot sugar and syrup mixture that use to ‘cook’ the beaten eggs. Didn’t have any clue what happen, I know that its suppose to stay transparent, silky, and more importantly pourable, mine didn’t! It came out amber in color and very thick not pourable at all! So when I mix it with the beaten egg yolks, the sugar mixture quickly clump up and stuck to my Kitchenaid’s beater! I kept thinking Oh Gosh! How am I gonna remove that later??? How??? But then this being a Martha Stewart recipe I persevered! I made do by straining out the huge lumps of sugars that has formed from the mixture and gently folded it into the whipped cream mixture, or so I thought. I didn’t realise it that I was over folding it until in was too late, so as you can see in the picture, the mousse is slightly over folded. Gee whizz, it’s chocolate, my family wouldn’t notice anything wrong with it unless of course that I’d tell them hehehehe....

I made the mouse quite ahead of time three days in advance to be exact, I was pressed for time so I stored the ready mouse in the fridge. I was planning to serve the mousse as is, however, when I tasted the mousse itself, I found it too sweet for my taste. So I went ahead with the previous plan and make a chocolate chiffon cake for it.

When I finally got time to get started on making the chocolate chiffon, I kept thinking hmmmmm, this seems like a messy cake, indeed it is messy, very messy with all the chocolate powder laying around. The cake is so light ang soft, that when I was training the cake to roll on a dish towel first I was so scared that I might break it. Thankfully, I didn't. :) This is my second time to make a 'roll', my first one was the Buche Noel, the I did for the Daring Bakers Challenge last December, basically I'm new at this roll making which I find quite challenging in terms of its quite messy, but definitely it's a lot of fun. What I particularly love about this is the fact that when I filled and re-rolled the roll, the dusting of chocolate powder acts as a decoration made the cake look simple but chic. It has a thick filling of mouse that taste just right, it nicely complemented the cake because the generous dusting of chocolate powder made it not too sweet just right. Can't wait to try this cake again:)

p.s. I finally got my camera fix and what do I find out? my photos are gone! Oh! Crap!


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