Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Happy 17th Birthday Little Brother!!!! Technically, it was last Friday June 20 and techinically he’s not so little anymore, he is way taller than me. He keeps calling me a midget! Can you believe that? And our height isn’t that far off! I’m 5’8” and he’s around 6’1” and continues to grow!

I was actually planning to serve the Turtle Pie as his birthday cake, however, when he found out he disagrees. He said he wants cake! Not a Pie. He wants it TALL and not itty bitty like the pie is. The reason why it’s called Birthday Cake and NOT a Birthday Pie. He got me there. How can I argue with that??? Luckily my brother is easy to please, anything made of chocolate he’s happy. I was planning to make an Old Fashioned Cake which I regularly make. However, this being a birthday I was thinking, I should make something different and special. I was looking at making a Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake from the CIA Baking Boot Camp book, but it looks such a long process and I’m not up to the challenge for this last minute baking. I chanced upon my Tartine book written by the owner of Tartine Bakery Elisabeth Prueitt. I choose to make the Devil’s Food Cake.

I must admit I haven’t tried anything from this book yet since I get it. But I’ve heard lots of good review about it and what the heck? What better timing than now? Although I might admit mine didn’t turn out as the photo in the book should. Mine looks like the home made version J I was planning to do a crumb coating like in the picture in the book, to make it look more chic however, I can’t make enough crumb left to cover a whole 9” cake and mine turn out a bit crooked and lop-sided.

This being a last mine request I didn’t have enough ingredients readily available. I even ran out of bittersweet chocolate for the ganche frosting, so I once again improvised. Its 50% bitter-sweet chocolate, 25% semi-sweet and another 25% unsweetened chocolate. Well, I’ll hold the judgment till tonight, when we would finally have the chance to eat it.

What I find amazing about this recipe aside from the huge amount of chocolate it called for, is that the caramel sauce that was sandwich between layers. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made and burned a lot of caramels before. But this is the first time I made caramel with out the grainy bits as it cooled down, it stayed silky and smooth, even after being in the fridge. Before when I made caramel sauce, whenever I cool them down, the sauce turns grainy. I’m not exactly sure what’s the difference between this and other regular caramel sauce, maybe it’s the addition of light corn syrup or something else altogether but I definitely love this caramel recipe. I’m utterly amazed WOW! I got some left over caramel sauce with would be good for ice cream sundaes, which I currently don’t have available. I turn to my previous creation the Turtle Pie, drizzle a bit caramel sauce. Hmmmmm….definitely decadent!

Happy Birthday bro!


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