Gooey Chocolate Chips

I'm currently still in my whole wheat, healthy dessert mode, trying out recipes from King Arthur's Whole Wheat Baking book. After my first un-photographed whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, I tried making some last Sunday using KA's recipe.

It differs from my first recipe for one thing its darker, due to the use of exclusively brown sugar compare to the earlier version of brown sugar with while. The most amazing thing about this recipe for me is that it can easily made by hand! Don't get me wrong here, I adore my KA mixer, however there are times when just lugging around the heavy KA mixer is such an effort (I know I'm lazy;) ) At first it seems too watery for me that I'm abit scared that I might have missed something but as I add the cider vinegar, as it reacts with the baking soda the batter turns poofy and looks like a cookie dough, a bit softer than I'm used too.

Although this version yeilded a bit less cookies than the first version, I prefer this one for it's taste though they look the same puffy and chewy. It's just that the first version, you can feel that there's something different in these cookies. For this version, they taste like normal cookies, this is good for those healthy phobic people who hates anything whole wheat.


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