Butterfinger Cheesecake

I just recently thought of something while watching Food Network, I kind of like watching Giada de Laurentiias now, before whenever her show comes I tend to switch off the telly or switch to another channel. I think it had to do with the fact that some of my favorite shows are not on air anymore, or maybe the fact that I only get to watch Food Network when I'm having one of my sleepovers with my cousin, we have cable but we've got Destiny cable which doesn't offer Lifestyle channel. Anyway back to Giada, or why I even mentioned her, it is because I saw a show of hers called Behind the Bash, it's quite a lovely show and very intriguing for me. The whole show is based on the fact that there is an event organizing company staging an event which usually for this show is a party, and Giada is there backstage to see all the back end production which we don't usually see unless we are a part of the backstage people and more importantly she goes to the kitchen or the caterer themselves that would handle the party's food and she's there to taste all of them! How lucky is she???
The episode that inspired me to convert my basic cheesecake recipe to a Butterfingers Cheesecake recipe is for the Disney's Anniversary Blow Out. The exact recipe is posted here at Food Network's website.

I revised my basic cheesecake recipe to suit my butterfingers cheesecake cravings because I wanted a cheesecake with the graham cracker crust, which in the original recipe has no crust on it just the cheesecake. I cannot have a cheesecake without that crust that holds it all together.

For butterfingers lover out there this is a must try and for those non-butterfingers lover like me please give this a whirl. I'm not sure if its the heat from the oven or what but butterfingers enrobed with creamy cheesecake definitely tasted very sinful indeed. :D


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