Powdered Doughnuts

In Manila, there are tons of new food related magazines that are coming out catering to all sorts of people.

Appetite Magazine - like what's in and what's not in the food scene.
Food Magazine
- was my favorite before it was fun, modern and easy to follow however they turned it into those who specialized in delicacies of every little island we have in the Philippines! Which is great however I'm not into making those because they are hard to recreate, I'll just buy them :D
Foodie Magazine - is what Food magazine was before .... why not get that? Well, I got turned off with the ABS-CBN because when the changed their magazine format they didn't bother to inform us subscribers that they'd be changing the format . As soon as my subscription was over, I went out and look for a new love which happens to be Yummy Magazine.
Yummy Magazine - for me this magazine is what I have been looking for great photos, great recipes and such a glorious layout and still very informative. It's hip and modern too!

Like most foodies we tend to collect and collect and we have that must do recipes, but as time passed by we tend to forget. I like Ivonne of
Cream Puffs in Venice 's idea of hosting the Magazine Mondays, wherein every Monday, she cooks or bakes something from a magazine.

I must admit ever since I saw that post about a year ago I HAVEN'T been doing that, until this recent January/February issue of Yummy magazine all things change. When I saw the DIY Yummy Idea section where they have a recipe for yeast raised doughnuts I'm hooked! I just have to make that. I don't know what it is I mean I've seen a lot of yeast raised daoughnut recipe and those recipes didn't compel me unlike this one did.

The first thing I notice with this recipe is that it uses cake flour and all purpose flour, which I'm thinking to make it soft which I can clearly feel when kneading the dough. Shaping it was a lot of fun too! What I didn't like was the frying! I don't know how to fry!!! I couldn't tell is they are done inside and out. While I was frying my doughnuts I'm panicking, they seem to be browning too quicky and is it normal to be smoking too much?

After 5 DOA, 3 injuries and several survivors, our kitchen was full of smoke luckily the alarm didn't go off and I smelled like smoke too! After all that commotion, I felt too tired and drain to make the chocolate glaze, I took the lazy and easy way out :D I just dredge them in powdered sugar! Hmmm...so inadvertently I made a Powdered Doughnuts.

They are sweet, soft and yummy...what more can you ask for?


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. i think i am in love with those doughnuts! hehe.

  2. hey! thanks nice blog. All about food trip if I do that I'd be a balloon right now..heheheheh...seems like so much fun