Buttery Rosette Cookies

Another hot & stuffy Sunday afternoon. It's times like these that I wouldn't want to spend a long time in front of the hot oven and what better way to do that is to make these Buttery Rosette Cookies, adapted from Flo Braker's newest book Baking for All Occasions.

This is the first time I have ever made a butter cookies and this is also the first time that I have ever made something that was Flo's recipe and first time I made cookies WITHOUT any eggs and leavening. I was actually hesitant to try it first specially the fact that it seems like the ratio of the dry ingredients were way too much for the small amount of butter that was called for. But in the end I have decided to give it a whirl, which is great because they turn out soft, buttery and delicious. And I must admit it was actually fun piping all those rosettes, It was a nice practice on my pipping skills.

So far I'm liking this new book of hers, the instructions are very long but very precise, you wouldn't make a mistake as long as you've read it carefully. What I like the most about this is the ingredients are in THREE types, you can use cups, ounces and grams! Woohoo! most of the baking books that I see and own usually just have the ounces and the cups, so have to convert the ounce into grams which I find very tedious. Yeah, I'm trying to practice baking by weights so as to be more accurate but my weighing scale is in grams.

Can't decide what I should try next!


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  1. Are the cookies do-able and do they turn out nice? I'm thinking of getting it :)