SERIOUS Brownies

When I first read this blog from King Arthur Flour, I was excited to make this luckily, I have tons of cocoa powder available here. This brownie is indeed the SERIOUS Brownie because of it's intense chocolate flavor which amazingly you'd acheive with just cocoa powder. That's what I call amazing! I have often see recipes which called for melted chocolate mix in with the brownie batter and such to make it richer, which is great. But when I want to have that brownie fix immediately, I wouldn't bother melting chocolates, just cocoa powder and presto! the brownies are done and ready to eat.
The original KAF recipe are the plain ones just pure chocolate heaven, excellent for the purist. I happen to accuare the affinity for nuts, more specifially walnuts. Thank heavens that walnuts are as readily available here in Manila, a bit expensive but available. I roughly chopped about a cup and half of walnuts and generously spread them in the batter along with some chocolate chips, feeling more decadent, I even studded the brownie batter with more walnuts.
Although this brownie doesn't look like the ones PJ from KAF made, I'm very happy with the result. The top has a crisp crust while the insides stays gooey, the chocolate chips made it more chocolatey (if that possible with this recipe) and the walnuts added that awesome crunch. Man oh man, these are definitely good and a must try.


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