KAF: Mocha Madness

As regular readers of this blog probably noticed that I LOVE King Arthur Flour. I would be their first customer here in Manila if they bother expanding their empire which I highly doubt, since it's an employee owned company they might be not so keen on global take over. Ever since I discovered KAF Baker's Banter, I've been their regular supporter/reader. I have even purchase some of their books like this, this and this.
When I first read about KAF's Mocha Madness Ice Cream, I just knew I have to try it. The ingredients are simple enough and I have almost everything aside from the Oreo cookies, which is readily available here. I have a pint of yogurt just sitting in my fridge and I thought, what the heck? right? Instead of using 2 cups of heavy cream like the recipe called for, I use the pint of yogurt instead. To my horror I forgot to calculate the fact that yogurt are sour! and I should have added more sugar. The 2 tablespoons of espresso powder is a bit strong for my taste too! Well...I'll just pretend that's what it is suppose to taste like =D The flavor is a contrast between tangy, strong coffee taste and sweet from the Oreo cookies and left over ganache. Which surprisingly is not bad at all. Although next time, I'll try it with heavey cream as the recipe stated, the texture might improve.
For the complete recipe for this visit here. I know it's already rainy season here where I live but still give it a try, it would be worth it.


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