Katherine Hepburn Brownies

I'm a huge movie buff, I like going to cinemas, eat popcorn and drink fruit sodas. Going to cinemas is one of the bonding moments I share with my siblings. Whenever a new comic to movie film comes out we're there that first week or whenever there's Harry Potter movie showing we are there too. Of course when there isn't any good movie showing, I turn to HBO, Cinemax and my favorite Turner Classic. To my little brother's horror, I like watching classic MGM movies and he of course leaves the room and lets me watch to my hearts content.
What does this brownie have to do with classic films? Well.. these are not your ordinary brownies. These are special because it is patterned after Katherine Hepburn's brownies. Isn't that cool! Katherine Hepburn is the first Hollywood actress who exudes confidence and an advocate of woman independence. In her movies she portrays strong women. Being a huge fan of Hepburn, I'm curious what's so different about brownies she makes and what I make. This is not exactly the brownies she made but Dorie Greenspan's Tribute to Katherine Hepburn brownies. This is this week's chosen recipe for the Tuesdays with Dorie event.
It started out okey just dump and mix, I guess it's because it's in the middle of the night that I'm making this I got a little absent minded. I forgot to put the sugar!!! Of all that things right!?! So last minute before I pour the batter in the pan, I mix in the sugar. Phew! hopefully no one notice the difference.
What I find peculiar about this recipe is the added cinnamon, though it's not bad it's just odd for me to be making a brownie and yet the smell I'm getting is the smell of cinnamon. I also didn't like the fact that this is such a thin brownie! Rich? Yes. Satisfaying? No. I like my brownies big and fudgy. I feel that this is such a let down. I need to find a real brownie recipe that is thick and chocolatey and hopefully very fudgy.


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  1. They look good anyway-- but I think adding the sugar has a lot to do with the aeration- and therefore the height- of the brownies. I have to agree that cinnamon may not be everyone's cup of tea, though :)