President's Cookies

I'm a huge huge Food Network fan, I love watching these celebrity chefs like Mario, Marcel, Gale, Alton and Wolfgang do their thing. Although, they don't make them like they used too, which is actually sad. What's much sadder is the fact that my cable doesn't carry Food Network anymore!!! Geez! now what? It's a good thing that I used to record my favorite shows on tape. Now whenever there isn't anything good on the telly, I get to reminisce and watch my old food network shows.

I can still remember the day I found out who Sherry Yard is. I was watching Wolfgang Puck's show and on that day, he had his Spago pastry chef visits and helps him out. She's so cheeky and funny, Wolfgang and her compliments each other that I like her instantly from then on I like it whenever Wolf brings along Sherry.

I actually bought Sherry's first book The Secret of Baking quite accidentally, our local bookstore was holding a sale and I saw piles and piles or her book on the floor, because at that time, they (the book people) are still organizing the shelves. I got intrigue by the title and the cover picture that I quickly bought it. This book is one of the best book I have in my bookshelf. It's no wonder when Sherry released her second book Desserts by the Yard, I bought that too! Her first book was about explaining the basics and her second one was really all her fun recipes she got to do throughout her career, even when she was starting, which for me is so cool! She made this recipe for then President Clinton, no wonder he likes these, these are good.

I've always been on the look out for a good oatmeal cookies and so far this is the best that I like. These are so easy to make and shape, I can even freeze these cookies and bake them whenever I get the craving. But of course I didn't do that because I'm already craving for it now!
Good thing I have golden raisins available at home courtesy of my sister's in-laws when they went to Egypt. The raisins got soak into what suppose to be white wine and bunch of other stuff, but didn't have those handy so I just use rum, was a bit afraid the cookies might turn boozy luckily it didn't. They are very very soft and chewy. They look a bit misshapen because I'm use to scooping out my batter but then I want to try my hand at rolling and slicing the dough which I must admit is much much easier than scooping each dough, although the cookies didn't turn out consistent in size. They might not look as pretty but these do taste good.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. oh yum yum yum! i've been contemplating the desserts by the yard book--would you recommend it?

  2. yes i would recommend it. although this is the first recipe i did off that book. I have a lot of recipes that I plan to do in the future

  3. Your cookies look great. Sorry you don't have FN anymore. I had a period like that and I found that there are so many resources online that it's fairly manageable to go without. Of course there is always and the weekly FN newsletter :o)