Black Forest Cookies

These are a bunch of ugly looking suckers! Yup they sure are but don't let that deceive you. These may not look it but these are very chocolately and taste very sinful. These dark beauties are called Black Forest Cookies, I found this recipe from Baked. I'm not a huge fan of the Black Forest cake, however I got curious what they taste like in cookie form.They turn out surprisingly good, even though the recipe called for half semi-sweet chocolate chips and half white, I used all semi sweet it turns our very chocolaty and very very dark in color. Maybe next time I will add the required white chips maybe it will make it look more appetizing. The dought itself is quite soft and very sticky so it needs to be refrigerated for a while like overnight to make it more scoopable. When making this be prepared for the mess!
It's very messy or maybe it is just me ? hahahaha... ^_^


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. They look utterly divine! I'm really thinking of dropping loads of money on some American cocoa powder just to achieve that wonderful dark colour.

    Katie xox

  2. Most of the time I'm using a french cocoa powder mixed with dark cocoa powder. Although in this recipe there are no cocoa powder just A LOT of melted bittersweet chocolates

  3. Love the dark chocolatey color! It looks like it just melts in your mouth. But wait, the Black Forest cake I know has cherries in it right? This one doesn't?

  4. It has dried cherries in them, the cookies is so dark you can hardly see the cherries

  5. hi :)
    since I don't manage to buy on amazon

    will you please do me a favour? :)

    would you be so kind to write me the recipe of these wonderful cookies? :)

    my e-mail is :)

    hope you can grant my request :)


    Serena :)