Very Addictive...

When creamy peanut butter and chocolate chips marries, with an added dash of roasted skinless peanuts, their babies turns out to be Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Phew! that sure is a mouthful. ^_^
Lately I've notice that I've been obsessed with the peanut butter-chocolate combo, and I blame it all on KAF Baking Banter. Ever since I read this particular entry I'm forever lost. I used to be satisfied with just eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon just like Joe Black. But now???!!!! no more I have to have that peanut butter and chocolate combo which I must admit is great combo, but man, this silly addictive treat is ruining my diet!!! I used to be able to eat just one cookie a day, now no more I have to keep busy doing other stuff like cross stitching to avoid stuffing my face! ^-^There are actually quite a LOT of recipes for peanut butter cookies but so few with chocolate chip combo. After an hour or so of searching for the perfect recipe. I just decided on a good peanut butter recipe and just throw in some chocolate chips and these babies are born. Yummy! Although I must be honest and admit that there is such thing as too much add-ins. Didn't actually realized that the peanut butter cookie dough and only hold so much. This recipe I got from Nick Malgieri's Cookies Unlimited, from the 2 cups of chopped peanuts I added an additional 2 cups of chocolate chips, which taste great, my brother who is a chocolate and peanut butter fiend absolutely loves it when he saw me carrying my secret stach of these cookies his whole face lights up. I love it when people show their appreciation for it.
It's actually a good thing that I have a secret stach, or else I wouldn't have any pictures to show for.


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  1. I sounds delicious...such a yummy combo I agree! :)

  2. Cookies seem to be delicious for evening snacking with hot mug of coffee.

  3. Then you should also try a recipe with milk chocolate for these. It complements the peanut butter joyfully!
    The original recipe for this is on Phe/MOM/enon ( and then I tweaked it a bit. (
    But you are right, there are not than many recipes that will mix the two...

    And surely you know this blog Peanut Butter Gallery)??

    Maybe this is not really helpful in regards to a diet though... !