NY Times Cookies: The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies?

New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies have been dubbed as the BEST chocolate chip cookies out there. A lot of people have tried it and I myself have tried it twice before (here and here). The first try they turn out like fat little hockey pucks with a dome on time and the second time around they look like hockey pucks without the dome. Both times I made them I enjoyed them because who in their right mind wouldn't enjoy eating a warm chocolate chip cookie dunk in a tall glass of milk. If you can, then hooray for you, that is clearly never going to be me.

But to call them the Best? well I have a problem with that. They actually turn out cakey and not at all chewy which is how I like my choco chip cookies. They other thing I don't like much about these is that I have to remember to flatten them out after I scooped out all the cookie dough or it will turn out like hockey pucks like my first try. Though I must admit this time I made them they don't resemble a domed hockey pucks because I remembered to flatten them out before baking. That's where my big problem occurs because let's be honest here, I seldom remembers that I have to flatten them out before baking, other choco chip recipes that I used didn't require that I do. I know its just a little step just flatten them and be done with but with this step I often lose that crackly top that for me makes it look much more appetizing. In the 3 dozen that I was able to bake with the recipe, this one is the only one that has that crackly top.

Looking back at my other previous attempts it seems to me like this recipes is not as reliable as I liked sometimes they turn out good and sometimes just okey but never great. ^_^


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  1. How could this recipe be defined as the best when it is not chewy? At least your cookies came out, I have yet to get a cookie recipe to work for me