Lemon Torte

After weeks of using chocolate as the primary ingredient, I decided to spice things up and use lemons instead. In my mini library, I search for a lemon based dessert that would inspire me. I was weighing the pros and cons between lemon bars or lemon tarts, which now that I think of it are kind of like the same thing just in different forms. Ultimately I made my favorite Lemon Torte, I got this recipe from Heny Sison a celebrated chef here in Manila. I attended one of her class years ago. The first time I made this it turned out perfect and never look for any other alternative for lemon torte because for me this is it. It’s tangy and sweet at the same time with a lot of crunch from the walnuts. It’s one of those, I thought I don’t like lemons, it’s that good! I don’t make this often though because it’s hard to fit 5 pans in my home oven because it’s too small for this and every time I managed to squeeze the lot it, it’s mighty time consuming as well and the dishes! Don’t get me started in the dishes that piles up whenever I make this. Is so exuberant! And I very much hate washing the dishes! But then my heart is not keen on making either the bar or the tart, so torte it is.
I’ve been making this torte since 2006 and ever since then I followed the recipe to the T. However, yesterday was different; I added my own spin to it, stuff that I learned from my previous baking experience like instead of just adding the zest to the custard. I rubbed the zest with the sugar so as to help it release those wonderful lemony aromas and instead of using a quarter cup of lemon juice I use half a cup of it to get that lemony buzz. I even discovered that I love lemon curd! I could eat it as is! Yummy! But of course I had to stop myself from doing so or else my torte wouldn’t have enough filling in them. To create that rich mouth feel for the curd. I added the butter in several intervals and kept mixing and scraping until it’s all thick and creamy with all the butter nicely incorporated. Moreover remember not to overcook it or it will curdle and nobody likes a lemon scrambled eggs. Lastly, do not forget to strain the mixture to catch anything that will mar the creamy filling. All that dirty dishes and hard work is so worth the outcome of this curd. Be sure to cover the curd with cling film and put in the fridge as soon as it’s not too hot anymore to avoid bacteria forming or something. Some people cools it on an ice bath like what you would do for an ice cream custard base, but I found that by the time I finished straining the curd it wasn’t that hot anymore so I could cover it with cling film as soon as possible and put in the fridge. To add a more luxurious look to this, I added vanilla bean paste with the whipping cream. You can see the gorgeous flecks of vanilla on the pure white whipped cream topping.

Ahem, pardon me, but as you can see in my one and only photo, nothing was left behind for me to get any decent picture everything was gobbled up!


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  1. That sounds lovely.

  2. It seems that I'm in the same "baking" transition as you. I've just finished off a chocolate cake search, and now I'm avidly using anything but chocolate. I love the sound of lemon torte; sweet and tangy, as you said!