NYC's Milk & Cookies Bakery

I'm a huge sucker for cookbooks written by famous bakeries from the US, UK or even Down under. I'm curious what these bakeries offers that makes them quite popular and have a huge followers.  I think one of the reason why I often buy those "bakery" books is that each bakeries has it's own quirks that makes their goods special and I want to see what does are and I get to apply their different techniques and make it my own great cookie! :D

Having purchase an exorbitant amount of cookbooks lately, in the line of bakery books, it's so hard to choose which one should go first. After much pondering the homey feel of NYC's Milk & Cookies Bakery's book cover got me; yes I'm easy that way. I easily get swayed by book covers. With a handful of different delicious looking cookies gracing the cover of Milk & Cookies cookbook, the first recipe that I tried from this book is the Chocolate Chunk Cookies. What differs their recipe form others is that it has ground oats in it, though come to think of it the urban legend of Nieman Marcus $250 cookie has some ground oats in them too! I haven't tried making those yet. Back to this recipe, the chocolates are chopped into two different styles. One is very chunky so that as you bite into it there are huge pockets of chocolates. The second style is chopped into shards so that every surface of the cookie would have some chocolates in them. I love the fact that the books are divided into different sections. It has basic recipe sections and then the suceeding recipes has the different variations on how you can give your cookies more life! Its easy to read and the instructions are very clear and precise. Great for newbie bakers and non newbies alike. Newbies would not get intimidated by it and non newbie bakers like me, still got some interesting recipes out of it. 

Another reason for opting to make cookies instead of cakes because I finally got myself SILPAT!!! Technically speaking my cousin who just got back from her doctor's convention brought it home with her for me. I bought it off amazon and had it set to her hotel. I was on pins and needles waiting for her to get back then finally last Saturday, she sent it to me! So I knew right away I have to make some kind of cookie. ♥♥♥ my new Silpat ☺


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. I love buying bakery cookbooks too, got a lot of them on my wishlist!

  2. I have baked out of this book with NO success. Have you tried it yet? What has your experience been?

  3. hi! so far i only have tried this recipe and it turned out ok :D