Giant Oreoes

Giant Oreo anyone?

Look what I found!!! A Giant Cookie Cake Pan!

I used to go to my favorite local baking/cooking supply store almost weekly, but then I got so busy that I haven't been to the stores lately. Last Wednesday, I've been itching to visit the store luckily they have a branch near where I work so it's not so out of the way and got no excuse not to drop by, though it's not as if I needed one.

When I did dropped by, at first I was a bit panicky they are having a moving out sale! I was like "NOOOOO!!!! Where are they going????" I quickly asked the cashier person and she told me they will be moving to the newer wing of the mall. Phew! that's GREAT news actually much near to my work place. Now that I'm all calm, ready to look around and shop since everything, well...almost everything is on sale! I quickly look and see if the baking pans I've been eying are part of the sale, and they are!!! But then out of the corner of my eye I saw this Nordic Ware Giant Cookie Cake Pan! OMG! I want one! I first saw this pan online at Williams-Sonoma for years! and now they are here!!! With only 4 on stock, I quickly got myself one and can't wait to use it.

Now that I'm thinking on how to go about using this pan, I realized that I should have bought a pair instead of just one! Oh man..I'll try if I can manage to make a decent cookie cake with just one pan, because they are not really that cheap even though they are on sale. Wish me luck!


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  1. at first i really did think this was one enormous cookie! haha it makes an adorable cake!

  2. hehehe's a nice fun pan to have :P