First Carrot Cake

When the book Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread first came to print, I was on my cookbook diet then I was saving up to by a Macbook. So I convinced myself that I didn’t need another cookbook. However, every now and then, I found myself searching online for recipes from this book and whenever I find wander through the aisle of my local bookstore, I kept looking longingly on it, kept checking to see if its finally on sale. Finally got fed up with the waiting game, I saved up and luckily just in time for the annual sale J How cool is that? It took me a few months of saving and a few years of putting it off and now I got a copy of the book.

Being a huge sucker for girly looking cake, you’d think the first thing I would try is the pink swirly frosted cake. Nope…the carrot cake got my attention. I must admit this is my first carrot cake that I bake…ever! Being in a household of chocoholics, I most often make anything with chocolate in it. Always fearing that my family wouldn’t eat it and my effort would be all for nothing. As my little brother grew older, I started baking non-chocolate sweets like blueberry muffins, banana breads, lemon torte… At first, they were not appreciated but then when I told my little brother that I will only bake once a week and only if the item that I made the week before is gone. At first he was hesitant but little by little he gives in and tries whatever I make. He now eats blueberries and even my lemon torte is quite popular with my family. 

Now back to the star of this post Carrot Cake, as I was hand grating the carrots I kept asking myself why am I doing this again? What’s so special about this? My answer was because I want to! J That’s the only thing that is time consuming in this whole process, after that it was easy kind of like making a muffin, where all the wet ingredients are mixed first, then the dry and lastly combine them together. An odd thing I noticed that my cake looks kind of orangey, I don’t think they are suppose to look like that but then it still taste ok, a bit on the dry side though.

What I love in this age of technology with the variety of social networking within our reach, I was able to contact the author and ask her idea what might have happened. Sure enough she said maybe I overcooked it.  Next time I’m going to try this again and try to take it out of the oven few minutes earlier than what I did with this one.  Though I forgot to ask her about the cake’s coloring…oh well there is always a next time.

While eating this you can delude yourself by saying that its healthier but then again with the thick luscious duvet of cream cheese frosting I would say not so much but still it taste good!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Great way to frost the icing.

  2. oo very beautiful, i love your frosting! and yes i like to pretend carrot cake is healthy too but...we all know the frosting makes it! :)

  3. that cake looks sooo good!!!