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My heart goes pitter patter while my pocketbook groans from getting too much exercise. In a span of a month and a half I managed to haul in 11...ELEVEN books!!! I didn't realize it until now how much I spent on books in just a short period of time. I'm so out of control after my last purchased I promised NOT to buy anymore books for ATLEAST 2 months! I know...even as I wrote that down I am very doubtful but I have to perceiver, I'm trying to save up for a new Macbook since my current one is moving like an old lady. One thing I'm thankful for is that most new cookbooks comes out in autumn so I'm very hopeful that I can do it. Keeping my fingers crossed and testing my self control.

This whole dilemma started when I took my long overdue Christmas break. My family and I went to our favorite Christmas spot, Hong Kong, mainly to relax, sightseeing, shopping and of course visit my Aunt. Whenever I visit HK, I often drop by Page One to see what books they have on hand that we don’t have at home. Moreover, I  had a very valid excuse, my discount card is up for renewal so I don’t have a choice but to drop by even if I don’t want to (…with a sly grin). Most often I buy cookbooks I’m one of those people who reads on e-reader in my case an iPhone which are great for reading novels and occasional magazines subscriptions however when it comes to cookbook. I find it hard to appreciate it in that format. I still prefer my cookbooks in the thick and heavy hardboard format. I get to see the delicious and gorgeous pictures in full scale so I get a chance to appreciate it more. 
This cookbook shopping expedition, in my opinion I got myself 4 awesome books. (1) Bake! By Nick Malgieri. I got a chance to attend one of his demos years ago and most of what he showed then seems so easy and the way he explain things makes a lot of sense to me thus whenever he has a book coming out, I cannot hardly wait get my hand on it. (2) Baking by Flavor by Lisa Yokelson (Paperback Edition). I know…I know…it seems like ages ago when this book was released but then hardcover version here are way too expensive even if the book already looks a bit ancient. I mean I’m willing to shell out some of my hard earned moola for books but if I’m going to be paying on 20% off its retail value or its full priced then I need to have a book that feels, looks and smells new. No bargain looking books for me if I won’t be paying bargain too.  (3) Good Cookie by Tish Boyle (Paperback Edition). Being a self-proclaimed cookie fiend like me, I must have this and not only that I have been a fan of Tish Boyle’s work for as long as I can remember. I first knew her work as the editor of now defunct Chocolatier Magazine. I used to search for back issues of that said magazine and when I finally saved up enough to have my own subscription, guess what??? That’s the time the magazine closed its doors. By then I went nuts and search online for her recipes and try to emulate them. Then when I discovered she wrote several books and she has a blog! I was so giddy like a child and my admiration for her work continues. And lastly, (4) Vegan Cookies by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I got curious and wanted to try it and see if it’s really much healthier than regular cookies and I assumed that vegan anything are much healthier than the regular kind, I got this as I try to attempt my first ever vegan cookies. I grasp my books tightly as I went along my merry way back to my hotel.

Fast forward to December 31 2011, the last day of the year, it was holiday so I didn’t have to report to the office. My parents went to the supermarket getting all the food and ingredients needed for our Noche Vieja a.k.a. New Year Eve Dinner. I was doing my usual window shopping. This usually leads me to another favorite bookstore of mine Fully Booked and I almost jumped for joy when I saw that Butch Bakery cookbook was available but it was way overpriced! If my memory serves me right I cost more than TWO THOUSAND PESOS!!! Yikes! I even asked the customer care maybe it was priced wrong since its retail price written in the back cover is only $19-$20. The lady from the counter told me that that’s what it cost but I asked why since other books cost at the same range of $19-20 cost less than 1,000. She told me that I should leave my number and as soon as regular work day starts, she will ask their main office. I even left her my number since she said she will be calling and update me.

New Year came and went, few days have passed and nobody called me from that store. Still fresh from my vacation, I kept telling myself give it time maybe they are just busy. However, it was almost a week and nothing coincidentally that same day my trusted online book provider emailed me informing me that the other book that I want is currently on hand. So I went online and check whether or not BB book is also available and guess what it is!  I quickly grabbed the phone and dialed my local bookstore following up my inquiry and guess what the girl was on leave and the person who answered the who is NOT at all polite she asked me to wait for more than 5 minutes and when she came back on the line she was all snooty saying it was really like that, that the girl I talked to noted that the price is correct. When I persistently asked her how come since other books at the same price range are a LOT cheaper, her only respond was that before they got the book it was already priced that way and when I asked why? Because I was really curious but when she gave this annoyed tone saying uh because of the publisher, they are expensive. I knew then that she was lying and got really turned off with the whole store. I’m not some gullible uneducated person that can be persuaded but such blatant lie! I mean it was already written in the back cover how much it cost in the US and now she was telling me it was because of the publisher??? How so?? I’m sorry but don’t I as the customer have the right to ask question. It’s not like I’m insisting for them to sell the said book to me at a lower price I just really wanted to know why.  L After that horrible incident I swiftly went through my email and searched for that newsletter from my online bookstore and placed my order that same day. It takes days even weeks to get to Manila but then my online bookstore doesn’t give me any hoity toity attitude. Ugh! Even writing about now makes me cringe! Happy thoughts…happy thoughts please…

Online shopping got me three new additions to my ever flowing bookshelves: (1) Zumbo by Adrian Zumbo. He is this celebrated Australian pastry chef being refer as Aussie’s version of Pierre Herme. I saw some of his handiwork in few episodes in Master Chef Australia. All I can say is impressive! (2) The Butch Bakery by David Arrick. Never having been able to travel to NYC, where could I’ve possible heard about Butch Bakery you asked? Well… Martha I believe. These manly flavored and looking cupcakes that easily captured the eye. No pastel looking cupcakes here all bold colors and the cupcakes it selves are flavored with Guinness and other bold flavor. Believe it or not most of their clientele are women! (3) Handheld Pies by Rachel Wharton. The idea appeals to me having my own individual serving of pie that doesn’t shape like a regular pie. Kind of like a toaster pastry but much better.  Trying not to set my expectations too high I might get sad if these didn’t live up to what I’m imagining. Few more days and these babies will here! So excited!
Last weekend was another fruitful book hunt, from my local used bookstore, I got Marion Cunningham's Good Eating. It’s a compilation of her 2 other books Suppertime and Breakfast time. For only  30 bucks this is a steal!
Sunday came and my window shopping escapade turned into book shopping when that said bookstore was on sale. Didn’t bother asking anyone from that store after that horrible experience, I don’t want to ruin my perfect day. From this visit, I went away with 3 selection: (1) Chocolate Dessert by Pierre Herme. I used to have a copy of this book unfortunately it was part of the old book collection that got flooded years ago. So I know it was an excellent book and since everything was on sale at 20% off, I seized the opportunity to change my old copy. (2) The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet. I saw a glimpse of this in Google Books, it was very informative and it peak my interest. It’s a huge, hefty and substantial book so I’m sure I’m going to love it. (3) Pot Pies by Elinor Klivans. This I got in the super discount pile, I got it at 80% off, less than  180 bucks. Sweet! Now since these are very heavy books I had them delivered to my house, I so love that free delivery once you reached a particular amount. Though it seems like they don’t advertise that service much because I only knew about it since I asked. Nobody ever informed me about it. Silly me used to lug around heavy books around, which was insane believe me. Now it’s just a waiting game for me…waiting for my books to come.

At this point, I probably talked your ear off and have absolutely nothing to say until the next post that is.  :)


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Hi Nik! I'm Lucy from Fully Booked! :-)

    I'm really sorry about your negative experience with our store! May I know which branch you experienced this in? This is so that I can make sure to inform the manager and our main office and that the proper actions will be taken in training our staff and making sure that something like this won't happen again! :-)

    As for your concern about pricing, there are some cases wherein certain publishers are hard to obtain books from! We probably had to ship it to the Philippines ourselves, which explains the hefty mark up! Despite the difficulty in obtaining some books, we prioritize giving you and the rest of our customers the best selection possible! :-)

    I'm very sorry again for the inconvenience you experienced and I hope you can give us another chance to make it up to you! :-)

  2. Hi Lucy..I understand and hope this won't happen again

  3. Hi Nik!

    I was able to double-check the price with the buyers and it appears that we made a mistaken with the pricing. The book has been re-tagged at P898. We're very sorry for the inconvenience that we've caused you, and for this whole confusion. We're now taking steps towards double-checking our technical errors, and taking this matter to our upper management.

    Again, I'm very sorry for how this situation has created a debacle! Please be assured that we are taking steps towards making sure it does not happen again.

    Have a good week :)

  4. hi Lucy thanks for double checking that was all I wanted them to do when I asked unfortunately that didn't happen and I already bought a copy from other bookstore. Thanks for telling though

  5. i'm so jealous of your'd better start baking and posting recipes!

  6. Hi! I emailed you a couple of years ago to ask about converting a 110 volt KitchenAid mixer to a 220 volt one. Well, I was finally able to convert it properly and I'm happily baking now! Such bliss to do hands-free baking! Thanks a lot!

    Your new stash of books is so tempting, especially the vegan cookies! Wonder how cookies without dairy taste like though.

  7. Hi! Grace, I remember you :) Glad you manage to convert your KA mixer :)