Day 7: Laminated Dough - Puff Pastry

We got layers!! Yehey!
Last week's Pâte à Choux is nothing compared to this week's laminated dough.

Our lesson for laminated dough is divided into two one for Puff Pastry and one for Croissants and Danish, which will be held next week. 
Both types of laminated dough have the same technique of locking in the dough. I have an idea before hand what laminated dough is because I tried making croissant before which turned out horrible. This is an excellent opportunity for me to see and learn the proper technique.

We were taught two kinds of puff pastry: the traditional or classic puff and the quick puff. We first did the puff pastry and man it sure is difficult making sure that the butter is pliable enough to roll in between the dough but not to the extent that its too soft that it is already melting or merging with the dough layer. With the classic puff chilling in the fridge, we tried our hands with the quick puff, well..all I can say is that the "quick" part is not really as quick as I thought. Its actually much messier to do compared to the classic puff since the butter is everywhere! Good thing is that all our hard work paid off, our dough got layers! We could really see the different layers!

Time to shape them, shaping part is the FUN! part you can pretty much do any shape as long as the layers are preserved. The scraps got shaped into varied circles and dipped into sugar which is a nice snack but not too much since remember all those butter! Those would go straight to the arteries and my hips!
Tart Tatin
Though I must admit, I couldn't resist the Tart Tatin, I just have to eat it. So much better than plain old apple pie. Though this is not something that I can do on a whim it takes planning and time if I would recreate this at home. Maybe on the next long weekend. :D

Till next week, Croissants and Danish!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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