White Chocolate Chunk Butterscotch Cookies

Holy Week for me is the time to be thankful for our blessings to repent on all our mistakes and to appreciate the sacrifies Jesus Christ did for man kind. I'm technically a Catholic coz I was baplize as a Catholic but being a chinese we practice Buddhism, more so when my paternal grandma was still alive. So every year I love watching those religious television shows on TV, I find them very intriguing especially the ones featured in National Geographic channel.

Aside from contemplating every year during Holy Week we visit Tagaytay along with my uncle, aunt and cousins. We love getting together its our time to do some bonding, and Tagaytay has a different ambiance love the fresh air, although the weather there was also hot but cooler than in back here in Manila.

Before leaving for Tagaytay I came prepared and baked some White Chocolate Chunk Butterscotch Cookies, I got this recipe from Matha Stewart Baking Handbook. I like it but I guess I'm being bias coz I love white chocolate, but I find my white chocolate chunk too sweet is there any unsweetened white chocolate that I haven't discover? It was easy to make a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe dump all but in this case insted of using chocolate chips I used white chocolate chopped into chunks. My 9 year old cousin Camille didn't like it, didn't even taste it coz we know children they only eat what is familiar to them. may be when she grows up she'll like them. The cookies are all gobbled uo by my little brother Geoff, my cousin Corinne, my dad and myself but mostly by my brother. He loves anything that I make.

Well.... back to my Tagaytay trip during the day we visit Royal Tagaytay, we have a membership there so since we're already at Tagaytay might as well drop by. There were alot of people there with their children since its summer vacation the pool was sooo full that we didn't get to swim there. I finally got the chance to use the badmenton racket that I won last year on the Moon Cake Festival dices game. I'm a bit rusty but heck I'm getting the hang of it. We bowled so much that that night I could sleep much coz my arm was a bit stiff. Our Night time rituals are playing "pusoy dos" (without the money of course, all the winner gets are bragging rights) and playing cludo (again bragging rights only). It was so much fun can't wait to do it again next year...


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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