Chocolate Dipped Madelines

I have always been very curious about the French Madelines, I've been planning to make some for years. Finally last week while browsing through my book collection I saw the Pistachio Madelines in one of Marcel Desaulniers' book, it looks so polish and classy that I couldn't resist. I finally got the courage and did it! Likely I already bought my madeline mold months ago. Unfortunally while souring through my nut stash I realize that I don't have any pistachios, so I improvised! I got jars of slives of almonds that I haven't use, so I chopped those up like instructed in the recipe and mixed it with the batter and baked it. I fell in love with this particular recipe because it calls for chocolate chips! that get mixed in the batter along with the nuts. Then if that's not enough I get to dip it in MORE CHOCOLATE and topped with a sprinkling of almonds. Sounds soooo delicious!

They turn out looking perfect! Unfortanately I forgot how they are suppose to taste like, then I remember in one episolde of Friends the one where Fredie Prince Jr was the nanny of Emma. Ross said that his madelines are light as air! Mine isn't like that they tasted like pancakes! and they turn put a bit oily! I can hardly taste the chopped almonds! Now that I think of it, maybe its because I chopped them too finely and maybe because I didn't roast them...Roasting was suppose to bring out their flavor...Hmm.. I have to work on those...I see what I can do...


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  1. They look very pretty, even if they didn't turn out quite right. Besides a cookie that tastes like a pancake can't be that bad, right?