Assortment of Breads

Breads ... When you think about it, why would you send time making bread when just run to a bakery you can get fresh hot pandesal (Filipino's staple bread) anytime. I believe that in America and Europe breadbaking is like an art there are so much varieties to chose from sour dough, bagettes, rye breads, rustic Italian breads, and many more.

Here in Manila, I think people are starting to appreciate and experiment with different kinds of bread. I'm very happy when BreadTalk started I believe it was 2 to 3 years ago. They had this vast assortment of breads to chose from, my favorite is the meat floss (ma hu, in Chinese) covered bread. I don't have a picture but I'll describe the best I can. The bread itself is soft and have a very good mouth feel. The top is smothered with very fine meat floss (yummy!) I think the top is brushed with mayonnaise, so that the meat floss would stick.
During a rainy Sunday, I had this crazy craving for bread! Of all things to crave for I'm craving for bread. I've try breadbaking before I even took a class about it. Well I have to say its like baking cakes, very therapeutic. The only difference is that the proofing of the bread takes a bit of patience cause breadbaking takes stages, you can't just dump all the ingredients to gather and put it inside the oven. So whenever I'm in the breadbaking mood I see to it that I wouldn't be going out, I dedicate a whole day for it.
I started 8am, I was abit hesitant at first coz I haven't made bread in a while and I wasn't sure if my yeast was still alive. So before I gathered all the ingredients I first did my yeast mixture. When I was sure that my yeast is okay I went ahead and made my dough its a basic sweet dough which is very easy. Just for the sake of variety, I made 3 kinds of bread: Chocolate Bread, Turtle Bread and Crumble Bread.

Chocolate Bread: Being a self-admitted chocaholic, it would be a big crime, if I didn't include some chocolate in my repetoire. I used regular chocolate chips, I put too much chocolate in it that when I baked it, the chocolates are bursting out :)

Turtle Bread: I used the same sweet dough recipe. I rounded the dough and wrapped around it crust, like pie crust but its mostly made of with milk and butter. Then I score to top with tictactow board and wait for the dough to rise. When the dough rose, it will naturally form all the cracks and crevices that, for me maked it look more rustic and more importantly yummy!

Crumble Bread: Again I used that same sweet dough, I made a pocket inside and sladder a good heaping tablespoon of butter and close the dough around it. On top of the dough, I crumbled a butter and flour mixture.

Breadmaking is one of those love it or hate it thing. It takes a long time, and doesn't look as good or as impressive as making desserts. I usually make breads in one of those lazy Sundays when I can take all the time that I want. Breadmaking also heps me relax what I like best about making my own bread is the shapping and the proofing. I love watching the live yeast do its magic and mothing beats the smell of freshly made breads. Til next time, Ciao!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. your very mention of pandesal has got me drooling. I am missing being able to get pandesal at the local bakery as that here in Sydney you have to go to a special Filipino bakery to get it.
    yum yum yum

  2. I've never had luck in making yeasted breads, except for cinnamon buns. Which recipe did you use? Just curious :)

  3. i used a basic sweet dough recipe w/c i think can be made into cinnamon buns too! I love cinnabon buns too but I'm the only one who does I can't make a whole batch of bread that i'm the only one who's gonna eat it! so i buy my cinnabon buns when my cravings hit me