An Afternoon w/ WOFEX

"Food Expo?" my mom said.
"Yup!" I replied with a wide smile
"What are going to do in a Food Expo?" my mom asked frowning.
I just smiled wider

I love going to food expos, I can't explain it to non foodes like my mom. Its been so long since I've been into one that, as soon as I heard that there's a World Food Expo(WOFEX) this August 2 - 5, I contacted my foodie friends from college. We went on its last day Aug. 5, there were so many people there that I wasn't able to take more decent pictures. Even the lines for the registration was so long...but thankfully its in fast pace.
What I love in going to Food expo especially this one, is that I get to see all the latest gadgets a baker would like to have in her cupboard. There were huge array of the uber popular Silicon baking pans, spatulas & etc. to choose from. I would have loved to buy some of those uniquely shaped silicon pans but they are still super expensive coz I think its because that Silicon based materials have just been introduced locally here in our market. I think there are only two companies the Silicon Zone and the other I don't remenber that name. I remember Silicon Zone because I have a baking sheet liner from this brand, its like a Silpat, but much lighter and much cheaper. What I like most about the said brand is that I find them more pleasing to the eyes because the color of each silicon baking pans/materials they carry are rich and vibrant! The other brand carries pale and pastel colors that make them looks cheap which is not so because the prices of both products are basically the same. Hopefully after few years when Silicon based products are more popular locally, the prices would turn reasonable. Don't worry I didn't keave there empty handed, I happily purchase of rich blue and red silicon spatulas which is relatively cheap @ P200 for the medium size and P230 for the big one. When I first bought my rubber maid silicon spatula it cost me around P350 for a medium size one and that time I even bought it during sale!
Aside from all the new food related gadgets and machineries that we saw, my absolutely BEST reason for going there was tasting all the FOOD!!! The most memorable that I tasted was the Mini Chocolate Fountain with Melted Belgian Chocolate, hmmmm...I could have stayed there forever if I could have. We got to taste a lot of fizzy drinks, different kind of juices, hot chocolates. Its unfortunate that I didn't get to purchase the Brocolli Juice, cause I wasn't goinf straight home after the expo, I was afraid it might get spoiled inside the car. It was sooo good you wouldn't think that its Brocolli of all things. I tasted a lot like apple juice but it has a different, good but different after taste which was actually nice. The weirdest thing that I have ever tasted were the processed foods made of tuna! There were tuna hotdog, tuna embotido, tuna longanisa, tuna sausage, tuna burger & many more....I didn't like them that much coz it tasted a bit funny. They all have the same weird after taste, didn't like it that much. but I guess if I'm going to turn semi-vegetarian they are a good alternative. Just not for me.
Next year, I'd be there with bells on!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Wow...I wish I went to the WOFEX.

  2. It was os much fun! especially will fellow foodies as company! next year they'll have one as well i believe that its now a yearly event

  3. I so hate my cousin for telling me about the WOFEX a day too late. Hehehehe...

    Do you have a schedule on these events? I'd love to attend (though I'm afraid I'll end up spending tons of money on baking equipment and food... hehehehe...).

  4. cusinero ge: next year you should attend ready yor wallet coz there are so much good baking equipments especially the silicon baking equipments and dami. hay how i wish i'm rich. hmm... got to control myself. self control!!!!