Yikes! Aloe Juice

Ever heard or tasted Aloevera Juice? My first reaction when my sister presented it to was "Isn't alovera for shampoo!?!" My sister laugh at me and told me to give it whirl.

Alovera or aloe for short is a plant with huge firm leaves that when you break them open you'd get this goey white substance which supposedly according to my grandma will make your hair thick! So I'm thinking hmmm... I do hope drinking the aloe juice won't make my tongue swell and get thick too! I hope not...maybe not coz my sister can still talk and she's not slurring so theirs nothing wrong with her tongue. So hear goes....

When I pour it out of the bottle, I'm quite surprise that the juice itself is transparent, I assumed that it would be green too! you can see pulp floating around the liquid, I guess that where the aloe essense is. After running out of excuses no to try it, finally shut my whinning and gave it a try. It actually is quite sweet & refreshing and the pulps are a bit tangy, which is a nice surprise, I like it, good combination of flavor, its different but good. Its one of those, either you love it or hate it kinda drink. Me? it has my YES vote!


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  1. I love Aloe Vera juice! Hehehe... my cousin imports this so I get to drink as much as I want whenever I want. I even use this juice to poach, to steam and as a substitute for water for select recipes. Hehehe...

  2. I've tasted that too. The concept of aloe vera juice is weird indeed but its surprisingly very refreshing. The taste if im not mistaken reminds me of guyabano.