Martha's Mousse

Being a huge CSI (Emily Proctor, was a guess) and Martha Stewart Fan, I have to try her recipe for
Triple Chocolate Mousse when it aired locally at Lifestyle Network last week. My version of it I used white chocolate layer and did a speckled dark chocolate version , for the simple reason of I ran out of chocolates! Still taste great, though a caution of warning: you have line the pan with parchment paper even though the recipe does said so because being lazy that night i made these I broke TWO! trying to get the cake layer of out of my pan!(I used my souffle dishes). Its the first time I got a cake stuck on the bottom of my pan! Didn't think that would ever happen. and one more caution: If incase you would like to try and use white chocolate like I did please reduce the amount of sugar the recipe called for for the mousse cause with white chocolate being already sweet on its own, it makes it sickly sweet for my taste.
Give it a try it look quite intidating with the making of a syrup however, its actually quite easy to do just a bit messy amd tedious especially if you only have one whisk and one bowl that would fit your mixer. Again I'd encourage you to try, they look so sophisticated and classy nice for having dinner parties and stuff or just plain Sunday night desserts!


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