My Mom's Birthday Celebration!

Although I've always made my family member's birthday cake, well...not really "always" coz I just recently learn to bake around 5 to 6 years ago!:) Anyway, this is the first time that I wanted to make it really something special coz it mom's birthday and I want it to look elegant but not hard to do.

For days before my mom's birthday, I was browsing through my baking books and magazine, my recent issue of Food Magazine came, and Lo and Behold! The came that I want to make is on the cover! Man of man am I lucky or what!

I quickly gathered all the ingredients and whipped it up! Since I haven't made this cake before it took me till 3 am to finish it! (I started around 11pm) My mom's cake was so freshly baked! But all my hardwork is worth it coz it taste good everyone loves it even my mom ate it! and she doesn't usually eats what I bake.

The baking process is a bit laborious, It was a basic chocolate cake recipe however I think what makes it so chocolaty is that aside from cocoa powder the recipe calls for melted chocolate too as well as milk instead of water (which what I normally see in local chocolate recipes) I also like the fact that it has a coating of sour cream based chocolate frosting as the filling and the crumb coat, at first I was hesitant to try it I thought it might make the cake sour but luckily I followed the recipe and it taste absolutely wonderful! The recipe called for 1/2 cup of rum but I omitted it coz we don't like eating cake drenched in alchol. I didn't miss it one bit! What I really like is that I get to pour dark, silky, smooth, shinny chocolate ganache all over the cake to cover it just like in the TV. It looks so professional and elegant! Ohhhhh! Yummy! I had a hard time of transferring the cake from the wire racks to the cake board, but I made it with the help of two spatulas. Fortunately, the cake itself is stable enough that it made it easier for me to transfer. I quickly stick all the chocolate "fences" I did around the cake. and tha dah! the cake is finished! Being a sleep on my feel for quite sometime now I didn't have the energy to do some rosettes and shave more chocolates on top of the glaze like the one in the magazine, but it still looks chic and expensive :)

I didn't get to eat the cake much coz I'm on a diet but as I tasted it and felt the filling melts in my tongue I kept thinking what if I use Callebut or Valhrona chocolates instead just like what the recipe called for instead of using local chocolates (I didn't have time to purchase some so I used what I have handy) hmmmm.... the cake would taste much better! I can't even imagine!

After spending several hours running around the kitchen, I'm poop and sleepy...gotta get some rest till next time :)


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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