Strawberry Shortcake

What's a better way in using up all those strawberries in season? Make a Strawberry Shortcake! This shortcake was made extra special because my sister came home for a visit. I've been searching for the perfect strawberry shortcake for the longest time, as far as I can see there are two kinds of strawberry shortcake (1) its with some kind of biscuit & (2) is with a sponge cake, I personally prefer the latter.
Its a basic sponge cake recipe however I added a tablespoon of honey to keep the cake moist. I baked the batter in two separate tins and cooled in on a wire rack. While waiting for the cakes to cool, I make the frosting/filling. I use 2 cups whipping cream, roughly chopped 2 cups of hauled and cleaned fresh strawberries, 1/4 cup sugar (depending on how sweet the strawberries are). When the cakes are cooled, I spread a huge amount of frosting/filling between the two sponges and spread the remaining frosting/filling on the side and top of the cake, making it as smooth as possible. Then I plopped it in the freezer to setup the icing for about 2 hours. 20 minutes before serving the strawberry shortcake bring it out of the freezer to thaw out a bit, and you can neatly slice it, with a knife dipped in hot water but wiped dry (unlike what you see in the picture, I couldn't wait for the frosting/filling to firm up in the freezer). Though it still taste great I just look a bit messy. Even my little brother who hates strawberries are the cake with gusto!


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