Huge Jacques Torres Fan

I'm a HUGE, HUGE Jacques Torres fan + Chocolate chip cookies = HAPPY ME :)

I found about this recipe while browsing though Martha Stewart website. I always watch her shows specially before when we still had cable *sob* Luckily, I get to watch Martha's show through her website. Please get a copy of the recipe here.

Its actually a good recipe its just that it uses a lot and I mean A LOT of sugar. Which I hate, so I have to adjust the recipe in the future. In this recipe it uses A LOT of chocolates buttons, suppose to be big variety that Jacques Torres sells in his store, unfortunately where I live there isn't any Jacques Torres store, so I improvised. I chopped chocolates from my huge block of bittersweet chocolates and folded in the batter. My mistake was, I should have not included the tiny chucks of chocolates because in our humid Philippine weather, the tiny chunks gets warm so as I fold them in my dough some of the time chocolate shards swirls with the dough so I've got a chocolate swirled cookie dough. They still taste great too sweet for my taste but great sooo good every bite there's HUGE quantities of chocolates as you can see in my first picture above. hmmmmmm...... *drool*


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. I too love Jacques Torres, so any cookie he makes must be a good one. These look really good.

  2. you should try them you'll love it! Every bite has a HUGE chunk of chocolate in them. Love eating them warm after baking tast sooo yummy!
    I did but just found them too sweet I'll tweak the recipe a bit next time to suit my liking :)

  3. MMMMMMMM!! These look scrumptious! Please stop by my blog and participate in the Fight Hunger Bake Sale.