Cookie Monster

Who doesn't love to eat cookies? I haven't yet met a person who doesn't eat cookies, a non-chocolate lover, I have met, but a cookie hater? none. I think will all the Sesame Street we've watch as we grew up, a wacky character's love for cookies rubbed off in all of us, who's that character? non other than cookie Monster, of course! my favorite character actually!

My favorite cookie favor is non other than a Chocolate Chip Cookies! I used to satisfy my cookie cravings by buying Chips Ahoy or Soft Batch, which frankly speaking sometimes I still do :) I started making my own batch of cookies when during one of my Food TV marathon, when Alton Brown's Good Eats was still on air. He discussed 3 varieties of chocolate chip cookies and showed the difference between them all. Till this day "Three Chips for Sister Marsha" is still one of my favorite episode. You can find the recipes here
He was so convincing that I quickly stocked up my pantry and made them. My favorite of the three is the Puffy. Its a simple recipe, it so simple that I've always made this recipe in DOUBLE BATCH, ALWAYS! Once I did a single batch, my younger brother said that its too few! From then on always double batch, please...
I haven't made cookies for quite sometime now that when my brother saw this last night as I was cooling them on the wire rack his eyes got all round and sparkly and oooohhhh....came out :) Hey, who could resist feeding him samples with reaction like than, right? We're such cookie monsters that, that Tupperware you can see in the picture filled with cookies only last us 3 days, one week maximum. If after one week, there are some left somethings gotta be wrong with them.
As you can see in the picture (on the right) they turn out sort of flattish and big not puffy at all, well...I followedone of Ina Garten's technique here was no harm in trying right? Quite nice but I personally prefer my cookies all plum and puffy. Hmmmm....maybe if I've added walnuts or use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips it would have made them better, more variety in texture and taste. Next batch get ready....
I'm gonna grab myself a huge mug of warm milk and dive into my huge cookies...delicious! Gig in its a good recipe, give it a try!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Hey there, I chanced upon your blog, and I must say that your cookies look store-bought! I'm a fan of puffy cookies as well, but now and then, I find myself lost over one of those huge, soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies *yumyum*

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  3. I love those cookies! You're lucky they last 3 days in your household. Between my partner and I, we can go through these in a day.

    I am a fan of Alton Brown's recipes. Not so long ago, I chanced on a thick-with-a-chew recipe written by Sarah Phillips of Baking 911. These are my favorite. I like it in particular because it is made with butter.

    The recipe can be found by being a forum member on Baking 911 or by clicking on to recipe czaar.

  4. thanks! I'll try it out :)

  5. Those look like some decent sized cookies. They are almost as big as the mug!

  6. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog entry.

    The icing is very good. It tastes like toasted marshmallows with hints of almond. The cake filling is made with apricot jam, but since you're in the Phils., I suggest you make your own filling with mangoes. Philippine mangoes are the best!