A wee bit late.....non the less still Daring

This yuletide season (December 2007) was one of my busiest season ever. My sister and I decided to sell baked goods for the season, all I can say that it's A LOT of hard work! I'll blog about this experience in my future blogs.

I know my posting is a weee bit late, however I still want to share my experience in the December 2007 Daring Baker Challenge, The Buche de Noel, hosted by the founders of the group.

The first time I found out that we'll be doing a Buche de Noel, I'm both thrilled and scared! Thrilled because I've been meaning to try it years before, now I have the chance to. Scared because I have never in my entire life made a rolled cake before, never made mushroom meringues before too! I felt like I'm way in over my head. But the Daring Bakers lay down the rules and dutiful member that I am, I suck it up and "carpe diem" (seize the day)!

Early December 24, I started following the instructions of the recipe. And I'm a bit surprise to say, it was quite easy. I was just impatient in making the meringue mushrooms and there where too much of them! Up till today I still have few mushrooms laying around! and the recipe for buttercream included was a bit too much I have tons of left overs. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? I'm also wondering how come my buttercrean didn't turn darker? I looks a bit pale for my taste.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. It's so funny to hear that a lot of people (including me) had been meaning to try this but never got around to, yay DB!
    I like the light color, it's very elegant but i can see you might have wanted it darker. I used melted chocolate in addition to the espresso and that helped. Well done!

  2. thanks for the tip Baking soda!

  3. I think your log is very elegant! You got gorgeous bark lines too.
    I'm so glad I got into this group, of all the challenges, I don't think there's one I'd haven taken up on my own.
    Well, done!

  4. Great job, even if it's a bit late. On the off chance you still have some butter cream left, it is lovely on dark chocolate cupcakes.

    Happy New Year!