DPP + Shutter Box = FUN!

I know.... I know...This is a FOOD blog but with such good news I couldn't resist sharing it to everyone who bothers to visit my blog. Here goes....
My favorite Photography magazine Digital Photographer Philippines aka DPP and believe me I have tried reading other photography magazines that are locally published here in the Philippines, I'm proud to say DPP is my 1 and only! DPP & Shutter Box Philippines, where I get all these great photography related news, tied up to give us readers wonderful news! They are holding a contest. Readers get a chance to win 6 months worth of subscription to DPP Magazine for a whopping amount of Php 0! That's right, for FREE! Isn't that fabulous or what! In just FOUR EASY STEPS! Please check out
Shutter Box Philippines don't let this opportunity pass by.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Congrats on winning the raffle! Your food pics are very beautiful! ^^