100 th post!

I'm on my 100th post! Can you believe that! I can't! It seems like only yesterday that I started this blog. To celebrate this said event, I made Cathedral Windows. Its a gelatin based dessert, hmmm...come to think of it its basically Jello with lots and lots of colors.

When I was *ahem* a lot younger, I love eating this, however as time passes by bakeries don't sell this anymore, I think it's because it takes a long time to set the different colored jellos. Nowadays only Goldilocks sells this. Goldilocks is one of the popular commercial bakeries here in the Philippines, especially for the masses. Me, I only like few of their stuff like I love their Pulvoron, Choco Slice and Cathedral Windows. The other baked goods they sell taste too commercial for me.
Anyway, back to the cathedral windows, its such a fun project that I'm sure little children would love to be part off. For such an old fashioned dessert, I went in search for my old fashioned gelatin molds, I haven't used them in ages! First I made 3 different flavored Jellos: Strawberry, Grape and Pandan, any combination will be fine. Following the instructions written in the box, let it set overnight. The next day, gingerly cut the jiggly Jellos in cubes any size you want. Mix all the different colors together and set aside. Making the white base is such an easy task, first combine a can of condense milk and cream in 1:2 ratio add clear unflavored gelatin heat until gelatin powder is all melted. Set aside until cool but not set, then slowly mix it among the cut up Jellos and pour everything in a mold. Set aside to set in the refrigerator. The next day get a spoon and Enjoy!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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