Berry Daring

Phew! I had a very busy Sunday, spent all afternoon making a Danish Braid. Why? You asked. Well… technically I didn’t have a choice being this month’s Daring Bakers Challenge, which is a blessing in disguise because I certainly wouldn’t pick this myself, I would have been too intimidated to make this one.

This month’s hosts are Kelly and Ben. For this month’s challenge, they picked Sherry Yard’s version of the Danish Braid from her first book The Secret of Baking. I’m actually very thankful for their choice because I own and read this book so many times that I know I wouldn’t be at lost reading this. The recipe is easy to follow and the instructions are very clear.
My first problem started when I didn’t have the time to buy an apple pie filling, I even planned on making my own apple pie filling, there’s a recipe for that in the book too. I absolutely did not foresee this coming, our fridge always has apples, my dad eats one everyday, so I was absolutely amaze when there aren’t any apples in the fridge. Just my luck!

After pondering for quite sometime, I finally decided on using my stash of frozen strawberries (which I horded last summer :p) and frozen blackberries (I got these the last time there was a sale in S &R). Had some cream cheese left in fridge, I decided to make a cream cheese mixture to incorporate with the berries.

The dough was quite easy to make actually, I’m even amaze that it was that easy. My other problem arises when I started rolling out the dough it keeps on resisting fighting even if I left it in the fridge for hours, just few strokes and it starts fighting back again. GRRR!!! Finally got fed up with it, I floured my counter and did the rolling there, it’s a good thing we have marble counter tops keeps the dough as cool as our tropical weather can allow. Finally! I’ve won the battle I had to cut it in half because it cann’t fit in my oven so I got to fill two braids, hey that’s a bonus. More to EAT!!!

The last problem that I encountered is that I somehow forgot that I have to let the dough rise once assembled (dummy me), so while the dough is busy rising, the frozen fruits melted, water starts leaking out and it leaked, and leacked and some more and leaked really ALOT! Tissues please!!! People get me some TISSUES!!! (Can you tell? By that time I’m already panicking!!!) It was very messy but has to be done it, crisis adverted.

All that panicking and hard work finally paid off when I can already smell them baking. Hmmmm… I just love the smell you get from baking, within 15 minutes the whole house smells so buttery and yummy! Hmmm… just can’t wait to taste it. Although I didn’t use any eggwash, they still turned out brown, not golden brown but still look good.

In the end, this challenge turn out great, the tartness of the berries is just right for the rich and flaky dough. The cream cheese didn’t turn out like a cheesecake but it taste like warm cream mix with berries trapped in that spectacular dough. Would love this better with a scoop…or two of ice cream! To die for!

Although, I must admit, I might be a little bit bais. Why? Because I absolutely love, love, LOVE berries!!! Especially strawberries because these we can get locally here in Manila from Baguio which the summer capital of the Philippines. Other berries we get them frozen and a bit expensive so I always indulge in them during summer technically it’s already rainy season here, but whataheck with our weather still too warm to call it rainy season, I’m pushing my luck and using all the berries I have hidden in my berry stash.

Good thing I got from doing this challenge aside from the yummy Danish braids, I can now say I’ve made laminated dough that taste good and edible to boot!!!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I like this blog. for real!

    berto xxx

  2. Wow, the berries tumbling out of the braid ... that looks delicious!

  3. I'm glad that it turned out for you! See you next challenge!

  4. Nice and "berry-delicious" (couldn't resist that, sorry!) - I love it when the berries are gushing like this.

  5. Well done on this challenge!

  6. LOL at the melting fruits. Great job!

  7. They're gorgeous. The "leaking" fruit gives us a tempting peek at what's inside. Great job!

  8. thank you for all your warm compliments!

  9. Way to persevere! Your braid looks great and the berry filling sounds delicious.