The Gastronomer's Shelf Giveaway

Everyday I see to it that I spend hours surfing the net and reading blogs, one of the blogs that I frequently visits is Mark's of No Special Effects. When I visited his blog this morning, he got me thinking. What is the most important book of my life?
Can I have two important books? It's a tie between Yard & Stewart.
The first one that comes into mind is Sherry Yard's The Secret of Baking. I find this book very informative it's full of basic stuff like ganache, truffles, curd, pastry cream and etc. Then when you master the basics you could move to much intermediate stuff and create tangy tarts, dark as night truffle tart. This book is very helpful for me because it teaches the basics and it gave the the freedom to mix and match and create a whole new dessert that is clearly my own. It shows how knowing simple basic ingredients are a great platform for creating extraordinary creations.
As cheesy as this may sound the other important book in my life is Martha Stewarts Baking Handbook. I'm not being biased or anything, it's just that this book is a gorgeous book full of gorgeous pictures and excellent recipes from simple cookies to show stopper cakes to die for flakey pies. It's greatly illustrated each basic step has pictures so you wouldn't be lost as to thinking what's the difference between a finely chopped nuts to coarsely chopped. There isn't a second though because it's there you can plainly see in the picture what the outcome should be. It's simple and direct to the point, though sometimes Martha's recipe can be a bit excessive there's always a reason. Kind of like why make something that is good when you can make something great.
I can't choose between these two because whenever I'm stuck at something these are always my go to books. I know you are probably wondering why I'm telling you this? Well...generous Mark & Duncan is throwing a book giveaway of Momofuku by David Chang. To know more about this drop by the Gastronomer's Bookshelf. I've heard so much good stuff about this book that hopefully they picks me. This would be an excellent addition to my collection. Moreover, I'm very much intrigue why people love this book, I heard that David Chang is very innovative. Wish me luck people! ^_^


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Great choices, N (don't own them, but I would have liked to have Yard's). Were you able to save these two books from Ondoy or did you buy them after?

  2. I bought them before Ondoy so they were not saved. *sob*

    I'm actually thinking of buying them again before they go out of stock here.