A Daring Oops...

For the month of February, the Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Aparna of Diverse Kitchen and Deeba of Passionate About Baking. They chose a heavenly Italian dessert called Tiramisu.

The challenge required us to make our own mascarpone cheese. For most of the DBer it was easy but for me now that I think of it, I think that's where I made the mistake. I didn't cook it long enough so it didn't set as much while it was cooling. This requires you to make a zabaglione and a pastry cream, no raw eggs here so everything is safe to eat. No need to be afraid of salmonella here. Since I love chocolates, I decided to make it into a chocolate zabaglione, to make it more sinful. Making all this preparation for the assembly to the Tiramisu is quite messy or was it just me? Haha...while the mascarpone, zabaglione and the pastry cream chilling in the fridge. I got tons of washing up to do! I hate washing dishes!

Reading the instructions for the lady fingers where easy enough but I didn't think I had enough batter to make many lady fingers to use up all the filling and I was right! So I ended up with such a thick layer of filling which must be one of the reason it didn't set properly. I thought I might have made the ladyfingers too soft so I held back on soaking them with the coffee mixture, such a big mistake. They ended up a bit try in the middle.

Will I try this again? I just might. It's handy knowing how to make mascarpone cheese, these are expensive here in Manila and quite hard to find. For the filling, it needed more chocolate boost. For the soaking liquid, next time I'll try it using my old coffee tiramisu mixture which called for espresso and Kahlua. Kahlua made it more special and added some omph. But all in all it wasn't a total waste of time since I learned a lot from this challenge.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. Your's still look good. Did it taste good? All of my attempt at a new recipe always fail. At least I think it fails but I try again until I am successful.

  2. It looks great - mine was "soft" too though and yes this had tons of dirty dishes, but the flavor was good!

  3. Thanks for doing the challenge Nicole. Sorry about the dishes. I know there were many and I did the challenge thrice over, twice to test, and the third time for fun! I love how luscious yours looks. Maybe it would have held it's ground if you had stuck it into the freezer for a bit!

  4. @ joy - it's good but next time I'll add more chocolate.

    @Deeba - I was afraid to put it in the freezer I thought it might get icy and not be lucious anymore.

  5. who cares what it looks like, still tastes good! :)

  6. You managed to turn something that wasn't perfect into a perfectly delicious looking dessert.