Good for You Cookies

When you think whole wheat or something healthy, you’re mind wouldn’t automatically think oh cookies! However, many years ago I stumbled upon Heidi Swanson’s blog 101cookbooks and I was instantly smitten. Imagine my joy when she released a book called Super Natural Cooking; it’s a compilation of what’s in the blog and then some. Don’t let the label “healthy” or “veggies” or god forbid “whole grains” turn you off. Once you get over the labels, you would actually see that healthy doesn’t always mean tasteless or it has alien sounding ingredients. What I like about having this book even though I already read her blog is that there is this whole chapter where she explains each ingredient what is it for and how to use it. Being a very visual person I appreciated the fact that there are a lot of pictures, I mean I have to be honest I think without those gorgeous yummy pictures, you wouldn’t see me near that book without a 100 meter stick. This book has a lot of “healthy” meals compared to the ratio of “healthy” desserts however don’t be discourage because the lists of savory items to eat are indeed promising too. This book is full of those must try in the future thing.
So far, I have tried two things: the mesquite chocolate chip cookies and the thin mints. Thought mesquite flour is nonexistent here in Manila, I have actually search everywhere for it. Little blind me didn’t notice the author’s note in the bottom until just recently. I can use whole wheat pastry flour instead! I was so happy when I read that and finally gave it a try last weekend. Surprisingly the recipe itself is just like any other chocolate chip recipe that I got; none of that mumbo jumbo stuffs other whole wheat chocolate chip recipe that I have tried before. This one is such a breeze to make I would probably make this over and over again. Eating it isn’t a hardship either, first bite you know something is different it’s nutty but without tasting like eating a whole wheat bread which is what I got in other recipe, this is a addition to add to my repertoire. For the thin mints, it was like making a frosting with such a good use for those leftover egg whites sitting in the freezer. The dough was soft and very pliable good for those make ahead desserts that are easily whipped up on a moment of noticed. The dipping on chocolate is a bit messy though but that is just probably me, I’m often messy when it comes to dipping chocolates. Personally this book is a nice addition to my ever growing cookbook collection.


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. I'm glad you like the book. In our country it's awfully expensive to live this "healthi-fied" life of alternative flours and sweeteners. That's why Healthy Options makes a killing, probably.

  2. Thanks for the book reference. I have been trying to find more healthy recipes.

  3. @manggy yeah you're so right on that, way too expensive! ^_^