Flourless Chocolate Cake

Almost a year ago while on my Singapore trip with my mom, during one of my cookbook shopping spree, I spotted on an interesting new cookbook called Bourke Street Bakery Cookbook. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy it because it's thick and huge and it wouldn't fit my luggage since it's already crammed with shoes and clothes for myself and for the rest of the family. Months has passed by and I actually forgotten about this book already until I stumbled upon Almost Bourdain adaptation of the Flourless Chocolate Cake and now my obsession to find this book has began again. Oh boy! I contacted all three of the major book chains here and no such luck. Now that  have discovered bookdepository, it's been tempting me to buy it online, however being the fickle minded person, I'm giving myself a few more months I just might change my mind specially when new cookbooks starts to come out in August - September. Ha! I'm also having a wishful thinking that I just might find it in the second hand bookstore anytime soon. They are actually getting great at having interesting cookbook selection sometimes they even have Jaime Oiliver's or Nigella, I just have to be vigilant in my visits and in my search. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, both challenging and fun at the same time.

Having no such luck in finding the book, for the mean time I console myself with finding recipes on line and the first thing I did was the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Having made Flourless Chocolate Cake before I know that what chocolate I use would be very important because that's what people would taste. Unfortunately, I didn't realized that I was low on my bittersweet chocolate supply but I really really want to do this. I mean I desperately want to try this so I went over my stash of chocolate chips, I know they are harder to melt but hey desperate time calls for desperate measures. I still couldn't find bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate, I settled for my Callebaut semi-sweet quick melting chips.  Now that I found my chocolate I'm back in business! YES!

Pretty much everything went smoothly until I got to impatient I couldn't wait for the egg mixture to thicken enough until it holds ribbon, though the instruction didn't specifies it, I believe it's the main reason why my Chocolate dream came crashing down. Looking at the picture from Almost Bourdain, mine doesn't look as tall and it look too watery compared to flour less cakes I made in the past. Another bizarre thing that happens is that my new springfoarm tin leak!!! OMG! My batter looks less that it should be and getting much lesser by the second! All I can think about was that my precious chocolate and all the care and folding I did will be all for nothing if this silly tin doesn't stop leaking!!!! Getting frustrated with a supposedly easy cake, grabbed several sheets of aluminum foil and quickly wrapped the bottom of the pan with it. I even put it on a rimmed cookie sheet just in case any more unexpected kitchen disaster occurs like let's say it makes a huge mess on my oven that would drive me insane!

As predicted it didn't rise up as it should, I think it didn't rise up even a little bit! However, I did get that crisp chocolate crust and still tasted good. I would probably try this again when I get myself a proper pan!

Have a lovely chocolatey weekend everyone!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!


  1. it looks very pretty, even without rising!

  2. Sorry you had problems with this one, though one wouldn't know it looking at the cake. It looks amazing :)

  3. Mmm I've been meaning to try a flourless chocolate cake for some time. This looks rich and delicious!

  4. thanks everyone yeah even without rising the cake taste outstanding, so it's best to use the best chocolate you can afford :D