Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whenever I get the chance to have a vacation out of the country, I always see to it that I visit their supermarket specially the baking section my favorite is the one in Hong Kong called City Super. The one I usually frequent is the on in Harbour City, the hotel that we usually stays at is very near there. What I like about it, is that it got this huge supermarket area! It actually looks cramp but every shelf if packed with different pantry items and there is a whole section dedicated to just baking ingredients and baking paraphernalia. One of my recent finds is the Ghirardelli 60% Bittersweet Baking Chips, I quickly grabbed several packs of it and headed to the cashier! Fast forward to few months after, those baking chips are quietly waiting to be used.

After much pondering, I decided to use these up in my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe which was featured here, many years ago. I loosely adapted my recipe from this. Every reader of my blog probably knows by now that I'm a Martha fanatic, so I often watch her show online and one of my favorite was when she and actor Greg Grunberg made Jacques Torres Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies, from time to time I like to rewatch that segment. This is one of those comforting but luxurious homemade cookies, luxurious because it uses A LOT of chocolates. This recipe uses a special chocolate chip which is sold only in JT's NYC Chocolate stores. NYC is million miles away from me so finding the perfect substitute for these has been one of my greatest mission. Yes, I take my cookies THAT serious.  I used to hand chop blocks of chocolate which when in a bind is a good alternative. But the best alternative I've discovered is the Ghirardelli 60% Bittersweet Baking Chips, the chips looks exactly like JT's, which are flat disk instead of mini little kisses. Lovely! It was such a nice surprised, I'm quite enamored with them! I asked people I know who are going to HK to buy me some. Luckily, my mom and aunt just went last week,  I have several packets of these yummy chocolates sitting in my fridge waiting for me.

I've always love this chocolate chip cookie but using 60% bittersweet chocolates makes it more chocolaty and more indulgent. The dark chocolate balance out the sweet cookies. Now that I found the perfect partners, I sure hope I could find these chocolate locally since I often bake chocolate chip cookie throughout the year.


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  1. I love those Ghiradelli baking chips they melt easily. I use the 70% and it's fantastic for my chocolate ice-cream recipe. Those are some awesome good-looking cookies

  2. Oh yum! I also love visiting groceries in other countries...and I love City Super!