Bite Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

Regular readers of this blog probably knows by now that I'm a cookie monster! I love them big, chewy and chocolatety, I just cannot resist making this little cuties! They are so small that in 5 minutes they are baked and ready to eat! The recipe for these little babies are found in my previous Brookies post, yup these are the left over cookie dough from that project I just added a handful or so of mini callebaut chocolate chips. I know baking is precise however how can you go wrong with chocolates right? To make it extra special I used the soft easy melt kind that is why when they were fresh from the oven the chocolate is all melty and gooey. In other word, delicious! They are so small and dainty that you can easily pop them in your mouth though word of caution you might end up eating more than what you normally eat since its so tiny.
These are excellent with a tall glass of milk while watching The Good Wife, to be honest these are good accompaniment to any tv series or just having a quiet night at home :) So grab bag of chocolate chips and make these cuties. Enjoy!


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  1. mmmmmmmm! the problem with teeny tiny cookies is that i always feel like i'm eating less, so then i eat more! if that makes any sense...:)