Nutty Chocolate Meringues

When I was a little girl every afternoon after school while waiting for my nanny (yaya), I always go to the near by sari-sari (local mini-convenience store) and buy colorful meringues. What attracted me the most was probably all the assortment of colors like baby pink, light blue, light green, light yellow and white. Every color pretty much taste alike crisp and light but back then I didn't care for 10 pesos ($0.36), I got 6 colorful meringues that I can enjoy while watching my afternoon cartoons. As I grew up my love for meringues haven't change, from time to time I tend to ask our helper to buy some for me. I know meringues are easy to make but then I tend to get lazy specially those days when you just want something sweet to eat but don't want a bunch of them in the house.
When I saw this Nutty Chocolate Meringue from delicious magazine, I just knew I have to try it. It's primary ingredients are egg whites, hazelnuts and chocolates. Having leftover egg whites from the Green Tea Ice Cream that I made a week ago, making this recipe will be a breeze. No more messy business of separating of yolks and white.
As you can see from the picture above, I got a little impatient in mixing that I didn't fully mixed the egg white mixture till stiff peaks. The result is that the ridges created by the star tip, wasn't as pronounced as it should have been like the few others (see first picture). One thing I learned from this is when grating chocolate, it should be frozen if not at least cold or else it would clump up like what almost happened, specially when using a food processor. I had a hardtime removing the skin from each hazelnuts, I just didn't bother to skin them, just chucked it in processor with the chocolate and blitz!
The pulverized hazelnuts and chocolates where then added to the *stiff* eggwhite mixture with sifted cocoa powder. The mixture is then placed in a pastry bag and slowly piped you're meringues. Any shape are okey here I use the star tip and swirl each piece in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Please don't use wax paper, the wax on the wax paper sometimes melts and sticks to the food! Eeek! I baked them for 45 mins in a low temperature oven. When they were manageable, each meringue got their chocolate bath and time to eat!
This special batch of Nutty Chocolate Meringues with their swirls intact was given to Ann as a token of my appreciation for keeping my stuff that I bought after the Wilton class that I took a week ago. The weird swirless ones got to have a thick chocolate sandwch between them. Hmmm... these are good. I really like them freshly made when the chocolate filling have just set, the grated chocolate are still a bit melty. YUM!


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  1. Yum these look really great! Actually...everything on your website looks really great.

  2. Hey Olivia,
    thanks for stopping by

  3. I love meringues and with chocolate and hazelnuts, well... YUM! Kind of reminds me of a nutella like meringue.

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Your meringue looks very delish as well as having cute packaging.
    Where do you buy your plastic bag which is folded in such a way that it can stand up?

  5. got those at our local specialty food store.

  6. hi... can u share the recipe? thank you